Thursday, January 7, 2016

Patrick, there are many different versions of the Lovelady walk-by scene. The thing has been tweaked so many times, it's probably the most edited clip of all time.

However, fundamentally, there are two versions of it, and I'll explain what happened.

The first version of the squad room scene wasn't discovered until the late 1970s during the HSCA. Nobody but nobody brought it up prior to that.

For instance, the Gorilla Man clip was first brought up in 1966. So for three years, nobody noticed it. But why, when people started talking about it, why didn't someone say, 

"There is also this other clip of him at the desk in the squad room"? Nobody did, Patrick. And that's because it didn't exist in 1966. 

So, they made the first version of the squad room scene in 1977 which is this one:

Now, the second version didn't appear until 2009, that I know of, and that was in the 3 Shots film.  I can't be sure of that. Maybe it was included in some other compilation that I don't know about. But, as far as I know, that is when it first appeared.

The reason they did it over is because they realized the first one stunk. The second one is much high quality. Look how much the technology advanced between 1977 and 2009. With the digital revolution, they could make a much higher quality fraud. Look at the two figures again. The first Lovelady, on the right, isn't even a stable image. Look how his hair is falling apart; it's bleeding back. He also lost his collar- I presume his shirt had one. And his whole image is faint and ghost-like compared to the other.


Go back to the two links above from my blog and watch the gifs again. I want you to notice that there isn't a single frame that matches between them. There are simply no matching frames at all between them, yet, they are supposed to be the same scene. How is that possible?

Well, what the story became is that they are sequential, that one came first and then the other.

But, if that were true, then we would have to believe that different film editors decided to edit it exactly opposite; that one decided to crop out the first half, while others decided to crop out the second half. 

But, why would they crop it at all? To save a few seconds? And watch the second version again and notice that you barely see Oswald at all, and you don't see his face. It would mean that they cropped out Oswald and made Lovelady the star.

The "story" of the above version is that the big cop was leading Oswald along, and from the start they are already past Lovelady, which means that they're ready to turn right. But, they never do. They just keep trudging straight ahead, as if they're going to walk through the wall.

How come we never see a frame like this?

We would have to think that the editor decided to cut this out because it was more interesting to watch them trudging into the wall.

The reason they did it this way is because they really went all out with the 21st century remake. They not only replaced the Lovelady figure, they went with a whole new cast. And, they couldn't show the faces of the actors playing Oswald and the big cop because they weren't Oswald and the big cop. So, that's why they had to leave it the way they did. 

But, look who the star of the show is: Lovelady. The camera hones in on him, not Oswald.

It was all about showing Lovelady in a plaid shirt which he didn't wear. 

Now, there is also a version in which they strung the two versions together sequentially, but since the men are different, they had to speed it up and blur it up so that nobody would notice the bait and switch.

So, there you have it: 3 versions: the 1st, the 2nd, and then a 3rd in which they strung the first two together sequentially. It's a screaming out loud fraud. And Lovelady never said that he was there and repeatedly said that the last time he saw Oswald was at the TSBD.

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