Sunday, July 23, 2017

2:05 PM RUBY:: called sister Eileen in Chicago from Carousel Club. (8 Minutes) (15 H 282-3) verified.(25 H 245)

So, the Warren Commission even verified, by checking the phone records, that Ruby was on the phone talking to his sister Eileen in Chicago from the Carousel Club at 2;05 on Friday. The image of this guy was taken at the very same time. So, how could Ruby be at the DPD and at the Carousel Club talking to sister Eileen at the very same time, as confirmed by phone records?

It proves that this guy wasn't Ruby.

And another thing that we need to ask is, when did this image first surface? Don't assume it was on November 24 or any time close to it. It may have been years later. And that's true of other images. Lovelady milling around outside the TSBD didn't first surface until 1966, so 3 years after the assassination. Lovelady at the desk in the Squad room didn't surface until 1976, so 13 years later. And there was NO RECORD of it prior to that; no statement from Lovelady that it happened (he never made such a statement) and no observation or notation from anyone that Billy Lovelady was placed in the detective's squad room.

So, who knows when they came up with this guy? But regardless, he was NOT Jack Ruby.

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