Saturday, July 22, 2017

I pointed to the hook nose, the increased baldness, and the shorter hair on the Ruby impostor, as well as the thinner frame, but Backes decided that if he can attack the thinner frame, that will take care of everything. 

And he's done that by declaring that the aspect ratio is wrong, and if we make it right, the Ruby impostor doesn't look so thin.

First, what evidence did Backes provide that his aspect ratio is right? He provided none. So that means that anytime anyone appears to be too thin, he can just adjust the aspect ratio to his liking and declare it to be the correct one. 

Here's another image of the impostor from behind. He still looks thin. So, I guess this is another one which just happened to have the wrong aspect ratio.

Here is the Corbis image.  So, they got the aspect ratio wrong too?

The fact is that they have played the aspect ratio card before to get out of jams. When I pointed out that one of the Loveladys at the desk in the squad room was too thick and muscular to be Lovelady, they slimmed him down.

Of course, the one on the right is the real one, while the freak on the left is like a comic book character. They went a little too far in slimming him down, don't you think?

So, they have been lying and deceiving with aspect ratio for a very long time, and now Backes is doing it again. 

And when you look at the whole picture, including the fact that Ruby said he wasn't there at that time, and phone records prove that he was on the phone talking to his sister at that time, it leaves no doubt that the 2:00 Ruby at the DPD was an impostor. 

And someone asked an important question: When did this particular Ruby sighting first surface? Was it immediately or years later? Look at the Lovelady sightings that didn't surface until years later? And of course, they are all fake. Lovelady milling around outside the TSBD: fake. Lovelady at the desk in the squad room: fake. 

Ruby was NOT at the DPD on Friday afternoon. Nobody in his life testified that he went there. Phone records conflict with it. Ruby himself said he wasn't there, and he had no reason to lie. And crisp data points tell us that that guy was not him. And by the way, he was missing a mole that Ruby had on his ear. This was done by the Wizard. 

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