Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jack Ruby brought his dog along. Do you realize the significance of that? It means he could not have had any plan to shoot Oswald. Because: if he planned to shoot Oswald, then he would have known that he wasn't going home. Ever. Therefore, not only would he have not brought one of his beloved dogs along, but he would have made arrangements for their care- permanently. He would have found another home for them. Did I mention that he loved his dogs? 

So, the fact that Ruby brought his beloved dog along is proof-positive that he had no plan to shoot Oswald, that the idea was absent from his mind. Therefore, Joseph Backes' idea that Ruby colluded with Dallas Police to kill Oswald, that Fritz moved out of the way to give Ruby an opening, is ridiculous. Ridiculous and stupid. 

Ruby did not collude with the Dallas Police. He didn't collude with anyone. He didn't even collude with himself. Did you know that that very afternoon, he planned to start moving into a swanky new apartment?  I think it was called 21 Trinity.

Every indication says that Jack Ruby had every expectation and intention of going on with his life, not utterly destroying it. You realize, don't you, that shooting Oswald was tantamount to committing suicide. Really, it was worse than suicide. Don't you think Ruby would have been better off if he had died on 11/24/64 rather than live three more miserable years? So, what he got for shooting Oswald was worse than death. The idea that he planned it is preposterous.

Officer Ray Vaughan was assigned to guard the Main Street ramp, to keep people out, which was something that an 80 year old Walmart greeter could do. And then Lt. Sam Pierce showed up in a police car, and they were both there when Ruby walked in. They didn't see him. Even though they were on high-alert to secure that garage and had been all morning, they just didn't see him. But, what about the others? If the security was that high, and reportedly it was, then how is it that a man walking down the Main Street ramp wasn't noticed by anybody in the garage? It was swarming with cops, right? And some of them were facing Main Street, such as Lowery, Combest, and that bunch. Think about how much a sole figure walking down that ramp would stick out. And remember nobody came in that way, prior to that. It's not as though any of the reporters or cameramen entered that way. So, it's not just that Vaughan and Pierce missed seeing Ruby, and it's not just that none of the spectators at the Main Street ramp alerted them even though they knew that no one was supposed to enter, it's also that no one in the garage saw Ruby coming down the ramp and joining the group so late. His movement didn't attract anyone's attention. And this was a garage that was loaded with police- police who were on high-alert.

Doesn't it seem like someone would have been assigned to keep scanning the area, to look for intruders, to try to spot someone sneaking in? How could Ruby be invisible to Vaughan and Pierce and then to everyone in the cubbyhole? The time that Ruby should have been spotted was when he was MOVING. Our visual mechanism is innately sensitive to MOVING objects. So, Ruby is coming down that ramp and joining the group, and nobody spotted him as he was MOVING? That's hard to believe. And remember, they were all on high-alert. There were over 100 phone calls to the PD threatening Oswald's life. That's what we were told. So, wouldn't they be especially honed? 

Beforehand, Detective Blackie Harrison was looking around, scanning the area. And there, he is turned towards the Main Street ramp. So, is the other cop in the fedora hat. 

But, no cop at the top of the ramp noticed Ruby, and there were 2, and no cop at the bottom of the ramp noticed Ruby, and there were 20. He went unseen by all of them, even though they were all, supposedly, on high-alert for someone exactly like him.

There was a collusion going on, but it did not involve Jack Ruby. He was NOT party to it. He was the object of it. And if you believe the official story of what happened there, then you are just being a naive chump.  

Yesterday, I watched an interview of an early Oswald defender, someone whom I greatly respect. And he made this comment: that the only part of the official story of what happened that weekend that is true is the part about Jack Ruby shooting Oswald. And then he added that it's something we all saw on television. NO! We all saw somebody go through the motions of shooting Oswald on television, but it wasn't Jack Ruby. NOT ONLY IS THERE A LACK OF VISUAL DATA POINTS TO JACK RUBY, BUT THE FEW DATA POINTS THERE ARE CONFLICT WITH JACK RUBY. For instance, the shooter's height, which is too short, and the condition of the back of his neck, where his neck is too short, and it is too cleanly razored. It is absolutely certain that he wasn't Jack Ruby. 

That Jack Ruby was not the Garage Shooter is as certain as that Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting. Both are iron-clad facts. 


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