Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Holy Immaculate Mother of God! I just found something that is big, big, big! It is huge!  Look at this:

Jack Ruby is supposed to be handcuffed there. Four detectives said that he was pushed to the ground in the jail office, and he was handcuffed. It means that they pushed his face to the ground, and they cuffed him with his hands behind his back. If he were handcuffed with his hands in front, you'd see his arms coming together in front. He is definitely cuffed with his hands in back. Here's another view:

So, he is definitely cuffed with his hands in back, not in front.

But, what about this guy?

We don't know that he's handcuffed at all, but if he's not, that's terribly bad in itself because he should be handcuffed. But, if he is handcuffed, then he is cuffed with his hands in front. The two images are very close in time. How could Ruby by handcuffed in back and also in front? Here is the dilemma:

First note how ridiculous it is that Ruby's shirt should be unbuttoned and disheveled since he wore a jacket during the fight, and his jacket was buttoned. 
So, wouldn't the jacket have protected the shirt during the fight? Why is his shirt completely unbuttoned here? Who unbuttons his shirt before taking his tie off? Or was this something that police did to make Ruby look like he had been through a brouhaha? Bingo. 

You can't claim that his buttons were torn off because they are obviously buttoned on the right. And there are other images showing that Ruby's buttons were intact.

There, you can actually see the buttons. So, there was nothing wrong with them. Therefore, his shirt was definitely deliberately unbuttoned here on the left:

You can't tell me that he did that. His captors must have done it. But, that was supposed to be right when they brought him in. So, why would they unbutton his shirt in the jail office? They wouldn't. They couldn't They didn't. They unbuttoned his shirt up on the 5th floor. They arranged him to look like he had been through a struggle. And Ruby was so out of it, (Scopolamine) that he didn't object or interfere. So, the very unbuttoning of that shirt on the left proves that the whole thing was a ruse. 

But, what are my enemies going to say about this cuffing discrepancy? I assume they are going to say that there was a time interval involved, that the image on the right was taken later, after his handcuffs were removed and reapplied.

But, there wasn't a time interval. The image on the right was taken very soon after the shooting. Look at the image at large.

When you see it in the film, they are mostly in the dark. It brightens up for an instant when a flash comes on, but mostly they are hovering there in the dark.

Only for an instant does it brighten up when the flash goes off. So, they were hovering there on the 3rd floor in the dark, and it was a time when very few people were around. The only other person who was around that we know of is the one who held the camera. But later, when Ruby was being processed, there were tons of people around. The hall was jam-packed with reporters and photographers, just as with Oswald.

So, there is Ruby in the lower right. I think that's Boyd next to him. If it isn't Boyd, it's Sims. It's the 3rd floor, and they are about to enter the Homicide Division. So, this other image had to be taken much earlier before the swarm began.

Why were they in the dark? Because that was Bookhout, and they didn't really want him seen. They were about to release him, so that he could return to being James Bookhout. And what he did when he returned to being James Bookhout was go down to the jail office and follow Oswald's stretcher out to the garage.

That short guy in back, who was looking down and looking very guilty, was James Bookhout. He's the same guy who was hovering in the dark with the cops.

It's the same slender, pinched nose, the same round face, the same age, the same eyes, and obviously, the same short stature. The ear on our right looks different, and it looks weird; no doubt it was altered.

 What was the time of this image? It must have been about 11:26. So, if the scene by the elevator in the dark occurred before this, and it did, that means it was taken perhaps at 11:24. And that was right about the same time as this scene:

And that means that these two scenes had to be very close in time, even though in one, Ruby is cuffed behind, and in the other cuffed in front.

They were very close in time. That's Jack Ruby on left in the jail office being inserted, for the first time, into the ongoing drama. And that's James Bookhout on the right just prior to his release. They let him go shortly after that. And he went down to the jail office. It's in his testimony. And he followed Oswald's stretcher out.

 Now, if anyone wants to dispute that, he or she needs to identify that short man. He had to be law enforcement. Who else but law enforcement would be in that spot at that time? So, he was either with the DPD or the FBI. So, if he wasn't James Bookhout, who was he?

It's very possible that Bookhout wasn't handcuffed at all in this picture. And, it may have been deliberately cropped to avoid showing it. Just imagine: they hustled Bookhout into the jail office. And then, they must have rushed him out of there. So, why would they have taken the time to handcuff him? It would have just delayed his evacuation. So, I suspect they just huddled around him and raced him out of there. Really, what happened is that Boyd and Sims and Hall were waiting there, and Bookhout was turned over to them. Remember, they weren't in the garage. Boyd said that he wasn't even at the PD, that he was watching the broadcast at his mother-in-law's house, enjoying Sunday brunch, when he saw it go down. So, he excused himself, and went in to the police station, figuring that he was needed. But, I'm telling you that that was a lie, that he was there already, and Bookhout was turned over to him and his partners, Sims and Hall. What did they do with him? They rushed him up to the 3rd floor. They took the elevator. And this is them, hovering next to the elevator on the 3rd floor.

Right after this, Bookhout was taken to wherever his change of clothes was, which included a hat. And then, he went back down to the jail office as James Bookhout.

It is in Bookhout's testimony that he did that, followed Oswald's stretcher out of the jail office and into the garage. So, if that's not James Bookhout, who is that guy? And if he's not James Bookhout, then where is James Bookhout? We should definitely be seeing James Bookhout. James Bookhout said he was there at that spot at that time. 

So, this is a very big find, the fact that Jack Ruby was handcuffed in back in the jail office, but this other "Ruby" is handcuffed in front at very close to the same time. Essentially, it was the same time. 

Or, what is even more likely is that the man on the right (James Bookhout) wasn't handcuffed at all. 

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