Monday, July 31, 2017

The Wizard speaks....


We did Turner briefly in October after 'Professor' Norwood tried to use him as evidence of Jack Ruby going down the ramp, but, as you see, Turner has effectively ID-ed Bookhout, not Ruby. Did not recognize the face, he did recognize the hat, recognized Bookhout's heavy frame and, as a huge bonus, thought that the shooter was wearing an overcoat, or long coat. This reflected the fact that Bookhout was 5' 6" but wearing a jacket that seemed to go down rather farther than the ideal length for a person of that height. 

So he arrived 3-4 seconds before the attack? I think that we can put this ramp matter to rest. Bookhout was hovering outside, waiting for a signal: in fact, he probably got three: a visual signal from outside or a window, a blast on a car horn and the car exiting the Main Street ramp with a maximum of fuss: making the TV people get out of the way, screeching its brakes and making the tires screech, on the ramp. He could also probably hear Petitt shouting: 'I want it! Give it to me!' Signal for the calm and level-heaved Bookhout to take the stage. He spent 3-4 seconds waiting beside reporters, lunged forward, fired the shot and, 3 seconds after the lunge, he had taken his dive into the swarm of cops. It was a 6-7 second appearance, backs to the cameras, and video later massaged.

Yes, I think that we have figured that one out.


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