Monday, July 24, 2017

I couldn't agree more that Fritz was showing his prescience. He obviously knew that something big was going to happen, that this was not going to be just a guy being walked 30 feet to a car, and then driven away. You realize, that is all it was supposed to be. They, supposedly, did all of that fanfare and hoopla just for that. But then, lo and behold, Oswald got shot. Oh My! Who knew?

Fritz walked along with so much stiffness, pomp, and circumstance, you'd think it was a wedding reception. And he made a very concerted effort NOT to look left. He kept his eyes straight and then right, but he did not want to look left, and that is very obvious. Fritz was aware, and he telegraphed it.  

But, what was he aware of? He could not have been aware of Ruby, as per the official story, because Ruby wasn't aware of Ruby. If Ruby didn't know, himself, that he was going to shoot Oswald, how could anyone else know? How could he have told anyone he was going to do it? He couldn't. He wouldn't. He didn't. 

So, Fritz could NOT have known about Ruby shooting Oswald. But, what he could have known about is Bookhout shooting Oswald, or at least pretending to shoot him. A DPD/FBI plot with Bookhout as shooter and Ruby as patsy,  that Fritz could have known about and did know about. But, Ruby doing it as a lone act, Fritz could NOT have known about. 

So yes, Fritz had foreknowledge, and it's obvious. But, it only works with MY scenario. It does not work with Ruby as shooter.   

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