Sunday, July 23, 2017

Backes, you idiot, we have direct views of the left side of the cubbyhole. On the left below is from the KRLD film. Were the two sides perfectly symmetrical? That's hard to say, but they were at least nearly symmetrical.

And WTF does "WTF does behind the edge of the wall mean?" 

So, you had a wall going down, and then it got to a door which was in the corner. There was a cubic structure there that went out 90 degrees from the wall, and then after about 3 feet, it formed another corner with a wall that was 90 degrees to it, and that wall went to the double doors. 

So, what we've got there is a zig, a zag, and then another zig. There is a recessed corner between the zig and the zag, and there is a protruding corner between the zag and the next zig. So, my reference to the edge of the wall refers to the protruding corner.

So, Backes, pay attention: Do you see where it says "edge of wall"? And you see the vertical line going down below it. That yellow line is the protruding corner.  It's an edge. And all 5 of those men are behind the edge, meaning closer to the main wall behind them. How do we know that? It's because the edge is rightward of them in the picture. 

So, that's WTF it means.

And your blithering idiocy continues. In KRLD, man #4 appears to be in front of the door on the main wall.

But, in Beers, he is on the other side of that corner.

So, it is a different arrangement which cannot be accounted for by the angle of the cameramen. And I already told you that, Backes.

Then, amazingly, this stupid idiot has the nerve to claim that Blackie Harrison is just out of view in Beers. But, in Jackson, he is extending his arm IN FRONT OF THE SHOOTER. In front of the shooter, in front of the shooter, in front of the shooter. So, if Blackie has his arm extended in front of the shooter in Jackson, how could it not be extended in front of the shooter in Beers?

We don't see Blackie Harrison at all in Beers, even though it was taken only taken a fraction of a second before Jackson.

 Backes, you are just too God-damn stupid to even battle with. People have moved? In a split-second? And in that split-second a gun went off. Why would you assume that they moved, or that they could move in that amount of time? We're talking about a split-second, you moron. 

And if you think Graves has got a right shoulder in the Jackson photo, then circle it. 

And keep in mind that this Idiot admits that the Dallas Police were all in on it, that they conspired WITH Ruby to kill Oswald. I say they were in on it but with the FBI and that they conspired AGAINST Ruby, which makes a heck of a lot more sense because who would destroy his entire life just to shoot someone? Nobody would. It wasn't going to bring Kennedy back. And it's widely acknowledged that the idea of doing it to save Jackie a trip to Dallas to testify was his lawyer's idea, not Ruby's. There's a Ruby memo in which he asked his new lawyer, Marvin Belli whether they should stick with his former lawyer's idea and say that. THE IDEA THAT JACK RUBY WOULD HAVE SACRIFICED HIS ENTIRE LIFE JUST TO SHOOT OSWALD IS PREPOSTEROUS. Nobody would do that. Nobody. Somebody would be stupid enough to think that Ruby did that, namely you, Backes. But, nobody would actually do it and certainly not Jack Ruby, who enjoyed his life, who got a lot of satisfaction from it, and who had high hopes and great expectations for his future. The idea that he would throw it all away just to kill Oswald or just to please the Dallas Police by killing Oswald, as you allege, is stupid. You are such a dullard. I have NEVER met anyone more stupid than you in my entire life.    

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