Sunday, July 30, 2017

Now, let's look at the other claims of the Cherokee Criminal:

First, he tried to deny that Jack Ruby had scruffy hair growth on 11/24 by submitting this image:

He thinks that represents a clean neck. But, let's just come in a little closer:
All I did there was enlarge it. Nothing else. And, as you can see, his neck looks "dirty." It's dirty with hair. Scruffy hair growth. But, the Garage Shooter?

Wow, what a contrast. Of course, that is the "other Ruby" from the Garage, the taller one. But, it's the same with the short one who wielded the gun and rushed Oswald. 

So, I don't know if he is smoking too much Peyote or what, but he is making my argument. His picture shows the scruffy hair growth as well as mine. And they're obviously different men otherwise. It's obvious that Ruby, on the right, had a longer neck than the man on the left, and a less fat neck. They're obviously different men. 

And then he submitted this fraudulent image, only proving that you can put a circle around anything. First, look at it without the circle.

Now, you don't draw a circle around everything, including his ears. Any idiot knows that we're looking at a three dimensional object (his head) in a two-dimensional format (the photo). But, the Native of the National Archives went ahead and did this:

He just grabbed everything he could, including the side of the face. Holy Mother of God. The correct way to do it is this:

You don't include the side of his head, for Christ's sake. We're talking about his face, the part that faces to the front only.
Now, we are talking about a relative thing here. I am not saying that Bookhout's face was perfectly round, like a circle. I'm saying that, as faces go, it was very round. And it was rounder than Ruby's. 
So, Ruby, on the right, had a longer face than Bookhout on the left. It's a relative thing. It's a matter of degree. Ruby's face was longer and farther from round.

Well, one thing I do like about this whole process is that my enemies do spur my output. All of this that I've done this afternoon was spurred by bpete's post, including this very good demonstrative collage, which I should have thought of doing myself but didn't. But, now it exists, and I'll be using it plenty. I'm going to add it to the core images. Who knows, I may be showing it on InfoWars the next time I'm on. I will definitely be showing it on InfoWars the next time I'm on. 

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