Sunday, July 23, 2017

There are a lot of discrepancies between the Beers photo and the Jackson photo, taken half a second apart. And, the differences can't be explained. For instance, why don't we see Detective Blackie Harrison in the Beers photo?
Only an utter moron like Joseph Backes would try to rationalize this. Most know that it's best to shut the fuck up about it. But not, Backes. One can only imagine what doozey of an explanation he'll come up with. Note that Blackie, while puffing away on his cigar, is supposed to be reaching for "Ruby's" gun to try to interrupt a shooting. Methinks he isn't trying very hard. But, why don't we see him at all in Beers? His arm should be going across in front of Graves just as we see it doing in Jackson.
Shouldn't we at least see part of him? His arm? Of course, we should. But, he is completely AWOL in Beers. And that's just one example. Here, I have cataloged the various discrepancies between these two "iconic" photos.

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