Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Here's an update from the Wizard. He's the one who noticed the frame of Bob Jackson with an "axe murderer" face in the garage during the spectacle.

Well, the Wizard found Jackson assuming that face again at the PD.

That's pretty strange. And remember that Bob Jackson's "Pulitzer Prize winning" photo is a monstrosity, an abomination of photographic alteration and manipulation. It is truly grotesque.

Oswald did NOT slap his arm to his chest after being shot. We don't see it in any film.  And no shooting victim has EVER done that, and no shooting victim ever will. You hear me? It is ridiculous to think that anyone would do that. It's like out of Vaudeville. 

So, what's causing the axe-murderer face on Bob Jackson? I don't know, but it wasn't because he was grieving for Kennedy. I can assure you that. 

And then, the Wizard added this note about Saintly Oswald, who, after castigating me for claiming that Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald, came around to realizing and admitting that I am right. Better late than never. 


Do you recall Bob Jackson's "axe murder face"? He did it again at the DPD, this time wielding his camera like an axe. See attached.

Some light relief at last in this grim case, as was the matter of Saintly Oswald seeing Bookhout's short stature in the elevator room image, and the two cops lunging downward toward the camera, and concluding that the three of them were "sitting".

A gentleman's burden is a heavy one.


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