Friday, July 21, 2017

Here I have assembled the indirect case that Jack Ruby was drugged on 11/24/63, and it was the means by which they got him to the garage. The drug scopolamine renders a person highly susceptible to suggestion, and this was well known in 1963. It is a drug that was widely used by the Nazis, and it was also used by the CIA in 1950s in the MK-ULTRA program. 

There is no direct evidence, and that's not surprising. Direct evidence would be Ruby or someone else saying that he was drugged, the finding of a drug stash at the Carousel Club or elsewhere, a doctor determining that Ruby was drugged, etc. That's just not going to happen. But, there is nothing wrong with indirect evidence, which you could also called deduced evidence. 

And before I start, I'll point out that the plot absolutely hinged on Ruby going to the garage, and they were NOT going to just hope that he did it. They had a surefire way to get him to a very close radius of it: the Western Union office to wire $25 to Karen Carlin. It was on the same block, and it was cinched. They just needed a way to get him from WU to the garage. And that depended on two things: the power of suggestion and the use of a drug that made him highly susceptible to suggestion, scopolamine. 

  1. Ruby had the look of a drugged person.

That was the first image of the real Jack Ruby that day. Supposedly, he had just put on a Herculean struggle in the garage, and this was just moments after. Notice that Ruby looks totally docile, subdued, passive, and overcome. He also looks withdrawn. Notice that, unlike the others, he is NOT tuned in to what is going on. 

Now, I want you to think about something very carefully. As Ruby was walking along there to the elevator, reporter Bill Lords actually thought he was Oswald. Why would he think he was Oswald? You can't say he looked like Oswald. Right? It's because Ruby was so downtrodden, tired, weary, listless, that he seemed injured. Scopolamine does that. It is known to cause weakness and unusual tiredness.

Do you see how tired he looks?

And if you are tempted to say he's tired from the struggle, don't. It was only 20 seconds long. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the shooter did anything to exert himself during the struggle. He never threw a punch. He never threw a kick. So, what did he have to be tired about? This is drug-induced tiredness. 

2. Ruby had the affect of a drugged person.

That is not a normal facial expression for the circumstance. If Ruby had just fatally shot a man, and in the process destroyed his entire life, where he had now lost everything he held near and dear: his beloved Carousel Club, his beloved dogs, his cherished luncheons with his beloved sister, Eva; spending quality time with his brother Earl, being able to indulge cops and others in gratuities at the Carousel Club- he enjoyed acting like Diamond Jim, his high hopes about moving into a new, swanky apartment in Dallas, his dancers, having them at his beck and call, all of that and more was now lost to him forever. His life, as he knew it, was over. He had just lost everything. But, that blank, glassy, distant stare that we see reflects none of it, and it is indeed the sign of a drugged state. 

I have never seen anyone on Scopolamine, but I have seen people on other psych drugs, such as benzodiazepem tranquilizers, Trazadone, and particularly Buspirone, which is used to treat anxiety, and this look on him reminds me of that.

 3. Jack Ruby's complete lack of talkativeness on 11/24/63. The cops said he was a regular chatterbox, and one with bravado, saying things like "I hope the son of a bitch dies." I submit to you that they were lying, and this picture says that they were lying. There is an affect, an attitude, that goes along with that kind of talk, and it is completely missing from this man's face:

Have you ever seen a more passive and submissive person than this? I made this collage using a courtroom image of Ruby from a later time.

On the right: glassy, distant, zombie-like. 

Think about how it was in the hallways on 11/22 and 11/23. They were crammed with reporters. What did they do? They yelled questions at Oswald, and he often responded. Don't you think they did the same thing with Ruby? Why don't we have footage of Ruby in the hallways responding to reporters? Try to find it on Youtube. You can't. It's no accident. Ruby was so out of it mentally, that they didn't want to show it. That's why we don't have footage. HE WAS DRUGGED.

There is no recording of Jack Ruby speaking on 11/24/63. He was talkative by nature. He talked at the Midnight Press Conference. He went right up to District Attorney Henry Wade and talked to him. This docile, silent, totally subdued Ruby was inconsistent with the trash-talking Ruby that police claimed (and remember that I have already caught Dallas Police in multiple lies, including Leavelle, Graves, and Combest, to name to three. So, that they lied about Ruby's trash-talking about Oswald I strongly believe. Ruby's whole manner on 11/24/64 was inconsistent with himself and inconsistent with the circumstance that he was in. It points to a drugged state. Not his usual amphetamines, but Scopolamine. 

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