Sunday, July 23, 2017

Did you know that Marguerite Oswald had a mole under her right eye? Well, she did. 

So, we should see the mole in every image of her, right? How about this one?

How about this one?

Are you seeing it here?

I think she looks so pretty here, but there's no mole. 

How about when she got married to Eckdahl?

How about on the right below?

The Marguerite impostor had the mole, while the real Marguerite did not. The impostor (whom I refer to as the Marguerite of fame) was not the biological mother of the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame. We have no idea who is biological mother was. And look at this image:

What mother hangs a picture of her battered son on the wall? What mother hangs a piece of art depicting her son as deranged? On the right that is a TIME magazine drawing that was based on a photo, but it made him look pretty psycho.

 The image on the left is an early Marine photo of Harvey, which we're used to seeing. 
But, if she was his mother, shouldn't she have had other images of him, from happy times? What we're seeing here is not just eccentric; it's macabre

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