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Did you know that there were two officers in Pierce's car with him? Sgt. Putnam was in front on the passenger side, and Sgt. Maxie was in back.

However, Ruby could not recall seeing anyone in the police car with Pierce. The author of this piece suggested that there was something wrong with Ruby's vision, but that is ridiculous. If his vision was good enough to see Pierce, it was good enough to see the guy sitting next to him.  Here's a better explanation: Pierce made an exit twice, and the first time which was 30 minutes to an hour before the second, he was alone. 

Think about the mechanics of it. Ruby was approaching from the east. The driver's side of the car was on the west. The person sitting on the passenger side, in front, was on Ruby's side. In other words, he was between Ruby and the driver.  Hence, he'd have been blocking Ruby's view of the driver. But, Ruby had no trouble seeing and recognizing Pierce. But, he could not have done so without also seeing the other guy. It is ludicrous to claim that that guy was invisible to Ruby.

This supports my claim that Pierce made two exits. At the first, he was alone. But, when Pierce drove out a second time shortly before the spectacle, he had the two passengers. 

Note that in the KRLD footage, we see Pierce alone, but, Maxie's testimony was that Putnam remained out of the car to clear reporters out of the way.

It's pretty darn faint and blurry, but there is a cop there in the back seat, in uniform. 

"At 6:00 pm on the 20th. of November, Jack visited his Trichologist for a baldness treatment which took about 30 minutes. (22 H. 913 and Ce 1494) He should have made an appointment with his Optometrist as well-he was not only losing his hair; he was apparently having a problem with his vision as well. On Sunday, as Jack approached Lt. PIERCE'S car at the top of the ramp, he was able to see Pierce who was driving the car, but he did not see Sgt. Putnam who was in the front seat of the patrol car (on Jack's side) or Sgt. Billy Joe Maxey in the back seat. Neither did he see any person standing around the entrance to the ramp. So Ruby failed to see two men in the car with PIERCE and a former police officer , N.J. Daniels, who was standing at the top of the ramp with the single patrolman guarding the entrance , R.E. Vaughn."

RC: So, NJ Daniels was the former policeman who just happened to be there, standing at the entrance of the ramp. So, he must have seen Ruby enter, right? And he didn't say anything to Vaughan? Even though he was a former policeman?

You should read Daniel's testimony. He claimed to be driving to Dealey Plaza when he saw the people gathered at the Main Street ramp with the officer present, and so he pulled over to check it out.  He said: "I saw a guy go in the basement, but I don't think it was Ruby." He also reported seeing 4 persons in Pierce's car, two in the front and two in the back. There was only one in the back.

"The virtual proof that Ruby came down the Main Street ramp is that within a half hour of his arrest, and right after he was taken from the basement to the jail on the fifth floor (which was long BEFORE [DPD officers] Pierce, Putnam, Vaughn, and Maxey had been interviewed and given their statements), Ruby told Dallas police detective Barnard Clardy and other detectives that he had entered through the Main Street ramp and had seen Pierce driving out of the ramp."

Here is Maxie's statement about Putnam not getting in the car right away:

Sergeant MAXEY. So, I got into the back sent of Lieutenant Pierce's car. We started to drive out and Sergeant Putnam had to move some reporters back. 
Mr. HUBERT. How many were there?
Sergeant MAXEY. I would say in the vicinity of 35. That is a guess, of course, I have no way of knowing.
Mr. HUBERT. That is the Main Street ramp?
Sergeant MAXEY. At the--that was at the bottom of both ramps, down right outside the jail door, and part of the people were blocking the Main Street ramp where we were going to make a turn and go out.
Mr. HUBERT. So, he cleared them out and the car followed behind him?
Sergeant MAXEY. Yes, sir.
Mr. HUBERT. Do you know what time it was, about, when he left?
Sergeant MAXEY. Well, now, at that time, I wasn't noticing the time, but since all this happened---- 

And here's how Putnam described it:

Mr. HUBERT. Let's get it this way, I understand that you had to get out of the car to move some of the people out of the way so that the car could go up the ramp.
Sergeant PUTNAM. That's correct.
Mr. HUBERT. So, you were seated in the car in the basement or parking area at first when you started off?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Actually on the ramp that comes from the parking area to the ramp that goes between the two streets.
Mr. HUBERT. Got in the car there?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Right.
Mr. HUBERT. Did you have to get out?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Yes, sir.
Mr. HUBERT. When did you have to get out?
Sergeant PUTNAM. After he traveled about 10 to 15 feet.
Mr. HUBERT. Why did you have to get out?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Because the reporters had formed on the north.
Mr. HUBERT. Main Street?
Sergeant PUTNAM. On the north.

Mr. HUBERT. Why don't you just use the street directions. Main Street ramp?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Main Street ramp, but by the "ramp" I don't mean the incline, where it flattens out.
Mr. HUBERT. I understand. On that flat part.
Sergeant PUTNAM. That's right. So, I had to get out of the car and move them back to prevent hitting some of them.
Mr. HUBERT. How many people were in that area do you think?
Sergeant PUTNAM. I would estimate 15 to 25.
Mr. HUBERT. And they were standing shoulder to shoulder?
Sergeant PUTNAM. I didn't get--this impression. They were standing in wait of the expected departure of Oswald, and they were just mingled, and you know how reporters. act and operate in trying to position themselves.
Mr. HUBERT. It wasn't enough that you were able to blow the horn, you had to get out?
Sergeant PUTNAM. We didn't even attempt to blow the horn to cause confusion. First of all, this is the entrance and not the exit. They are not expecting a vehicle coming out of there, they are not paying attention to us. They are looking in the direction they expect Oswald to come out from, so, I got out and--
Mr. HUBERT. When .the path cleared up, you got back in again
Sergeant PUTNAM. Right. 

RC: Alright, so at 11:18 when the police car pulled out, Pierce was driving,  and Putnam was sitting next to him in the passenger seat, which was on the Western Union side from which Ruby would be coming, if he were there then, and Maxie was in back. But, Ruby only saw Pierce. That suggests to me a separate incident in which Pierce drove out with no one in the front passenger seat, giving Ruby a direct view of him, and it explains how Ruby was able to ID him. RUBY COULD NOT HAVE MISSED SEEING ANOTHER OFFICER IN THE FRONT SEAT. 

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