Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wow, 502 people reached? I just put this up last night. And, I didn't spend a dime. Truth is rising. That guy on the left was NOT Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby said he was not at the DPD at that time, and phone records prove that he was talking to his sister Eileen in Chicago at that time. 

So, on the Friday afternoon, they were already framing Ruby. What does that tell you? I'll give you a hint: Two and a half months before the JFK assassination, they were framing Oswald. They were framing him for going to Mexico City, which he did not do. And we know who framed him for going to Mexico City: the CIA. Now, if the CIA was framing Oswald for something shortly before the assassination, then you know that they also framed him for killing Kennedy. And likewise with Ruby, if they were framing him for going to the DPD for being obsessed with Oswald, then you know that they also framed him for killing Oswald. And of course, we know it because he wasn't in the garage at the time; because we have successfully ID'd the shooter as FBI Agent James Bookhout; because they boneheadedly forgot about Ruby's jacket when they thrust him, drug-laden, into the story.

Poor Jack Ruby. He was a decent soul, a nice guy, and he never anybody that I know of.  And so help me God, the world is going to know that he was framed and innocent. 

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