Sunday, July 30, 2017

Who could possibly be paying me to declare that Oswald was in the doorway? Who could even conceive of someone paying me for that? Who is going to part with $$$$$$ to have me say that? He never thought anyone was paying me. That is a lie. He is a LIAR! He is filth. He is scum. He is a paid cyber-criminal and street criminal, and so help me God, I will see him prosecuted and punished for his crimes.  

But, never say a Cigar Store Indian can't be useful, or even for that matter a National Archives hitman Indian. He took the gauntlet. He posted a photo to defend the Jackson photo. David Von Pein wouldn't do it, but the cyber/street criminal did. 

And, it doesn't matter if he took the photo or found it. Either way, he submitted it as representing what we see in the Jackson photo. 

And I'll tell you something else: he is going to be famous for this photo. I am going to promote the hell out of it. Yes, indeed, this is going to serve my purposes well. 

OK, so above is what he claims Oswald was doing in the Jackson photo. So, let's start with the wrist. Notice that he has a straight wrist, just as I did when I took my picture. 

OK, so a normal human wrist. What else could we expect, right? But, look at it in Jackson:

That's supposed to be all one wrist. That whole meandering river is supposed to be one wrist. And you can't blame it on the sweater because I tried it wearing a sweater, and my wrist still was straight.
But, the stupid moron actually tried to claim that that "the sweater was pushed up, resulting in it puffing up against his hand and wrist."

Listen up, Peyote-smoking mudderplucker: THAT'S WHAT YOU NEED TO DEMONSTRATE, you God-damn idiot. And not with your filthy mouth, but with a camera! Put a sweater on and take a picture. Show us the push. Show us the puff. You can't just lip-flap it. 

And to others: he is completely full of shit.

That is one wide wrist, and it's no exaggeration. If that half-moon thing is a "puff" it's still got to be covering something, and presumably, his wrist. 

Now listen up, Hondo. I don't give a shit what you think. If you want to make the case that that is real, that that is legit, then you have duplicate it. Photographically reproduce it. Make it push; make it puff; do whatever the fuck you have to do, but make it look the same; duplicate it. And until you do, you can just shut the fuck up because nothing you say means anything. If you are going to defend that as legit, then you HAVE to duplicate it. Not lip-flap it with forked tongue, but duplicate it with a camera. You can just stifle the blah-blah-blah. I don't give a shit about your tongue-wagging. Take a picture in which you duplicate this:
Just duplicate it. And if you can't duplicate, it just proves that I am right, that it is bogus.  
So, that's Failure#1 on his part. But now, let's look at his thumb:

Wait a second. That can't be right. He's got his hand going practically horizontal, whereas Oswald's hand is diagonal.

bpete's hand is practically going sideways across his chest. And I see what he did. He was trying to expose his thumbnail, since Oswald's is exposed, so what he did was externally rotate his hand, and then get his thumb on top of it. Or, he dug up such a picture. Yes, you can expose the thumb that way, but you can't if you leave it diagonal.

Alright, so the Cherokee Shyster cheated. But still, we're going to keep looking at it because it still reveals the fraudulence of the Jackson photo. Let's count his fingers:

So, in both cases, I marked the knuckles to indicate the existence of fingers. bpete has 5, and Oswald has only 4. 

Now, let's look at the outer contour, or the perimeter of the thumb. It should be smooth. There are two joints: the metacarpal and the interdigital, but he's got his thumb completely extended, and the contour is very smooth. 

So, that looks smooth, meaning not jutting or cut-out anywhere. But, Jackson?

I rotated it 90 degrees just to demonstrate how bizarre that contour is. It is beyond bizarre. It is grotesque. And you can't blame the sweater because I tried it wearing a sweater, and it didn't change anything. If he wants to try it again wearing a sweater, he can.

I am going to address the other issues he raised separately since they concern something else. Right now, I want to get this up, and I want to spread it far and wide. Let the record show that SO FAR this is the only photo ever submitted to defend the legitimacy of the Jackson photo, and it failed miserably. 


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