Monday, July 24, 2017

As we argue about Fritz, and who he moved out of the way for, (I say Bookhout; Backass says Ruby) I'll point out that there's not even any basis for Fritz to have known that Ruby was going to be there. But, there was a basis for Fritz to have known that Bookhout was going to be there, and that basis is that the whole operation was a DPD/FBI plot, where Fritz was DPD, and Bookhout was FBI. 

But meanwhile, there are also the images, and the images clearly show that the shooter was not Ruby

The images also clearly and conclusively show that the Garage Shooter was a perfect match to James Bookhout. The first image below is an uncontested image of James Bookhout. Look how perfectly it matches the Shooter, except for the aging of 26 years. 

That is definitely James Bookhout on the left. It is not in dispute. How could there be that much likeness between James Bookhout and Jack Ruby?

Note that neither Backes, nor any of my enemies, put up images of their own to counter these. They don't put up images and say, "See how well he matches Ruby." They don't put up images at all. THAT'S BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO IMAGES TO PUT UP. 

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