Friday, July 21, 2017

This is from the Polygraph test of Jack Ruby. 

Q. Did you go to the Dallas police station at any time on Friday, November 22, 1963, before you went to the synagogue? 
A. No. 
Q. Did you go to the synagogue that Friday night? 
A. Yes. 
Q. Did you see Oswald in the Dallas jail on Friday night? 
A. Yes.

Do you understand what it means? It means that Jack Ruby denied being this man:

Ruby denied going to the DPD at 2:00 on Friday afternoon. And note that at no time did Ruby ever make the claim that he went there at 2:00. I have already pointed out that phone record from the Carousel Club prove that Ruby was on the phone with his sister Eileen at 2:00.

This is from the Jack Ruby Timeline put together by M.A. Moyer and Betty Windsor:

1:50–2 PM       ARMSTRONG: Heard announcement over radio at Carousel of Tippit being officer who was shot. Ruby present. Ruby mentioned that he knew JD. (19 H 101-2) NOTE: KLIF radio logs show Tippit's name released 2-2:15 p.m. (Radio log info courtesy of Dale Myers)
1:51 PM           Call from Carousel to Bull Pen. (3 minutes) (25 H 245) ARMSTRONG verified. (13 H 331-32) PAUL: testified he did not hear from Ruby until 2:45 P.M. (14 H 151) Did Armstrong make the call??
2-2:30 PM       CRAFARD: Ruby arrived at club. Jack very 'nervous' (13 H 452)
2:05 PM           RUBY:: called sister Eileen in Chicago from Carousel Club. (8 Minutes) (15 H 282-3) verified.(25 H 245)

There is nothing about Jack Ruby going to the DPD that afternoon.

And that means that the Jack Ruby they've been citing from the footage was not him, but rather, an impostor. And that means that Jack Ruby was being set up as being "Oswald-obsessed" and "stalking Oswald" long before Sunday.

And think about this: What reason would Jack Ruby have to lie about whether he went to the DPD on Friday afternoon? He had no reason to lie. Jack Ruby accepted that he shot Oswald. He didn't shoot Oswald, but he accepted that he did. He wasn't fighting it. He wasn't denying it. So, why would he lie about going to the DPD?

And by the way, the polygraph test was administered to Ruby to humor him, and the Warren Commissioners declared afterwards that they did not consider any of the results valid and dependable.

And, you notice that he did correctly state that he went to the Synagogue Friday evening (confirmed by others) and then to the Midnight Press Conference (which is not disputed by anyone). So, if his mind was working well enough to get those things straight, why assume he was confused about what he did Friday afternoon? Again, he had no reason to lie. 

Jack Ruby did NOT go to the DPD on Friday afternoon. There is very solid evidence that he was doing something else- talking to his sister Eileen on the phone right at the time this picture was taken.

So, this means that something very bad was being done to Jack Ruby on Friday afternoon. He was being set up. I don't know who this guy was, but he was not Jack Ruby. 

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