Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Idiot Backes complains that I don't provide the source of Emaciated Lovelady from the squad room, in contrast to He-Man Lovelady, and I don't know the source of the former. I do know the source of the latter. It occurs in the 2009 History Channel Documentary Three Shots That Changed America. 

They went on to edit it, but in the version I have, that is how he looks: beefy. And, Robin Unger has a slow-motion gif of it where he looks the same, beefy. It's obvious that the image on the left is highly distorted. The guy doesn't even look human. Nobody could have a head shaped like that. 

Aspect ratio is just the ratio of the width to the height. So, on the left, they stretched the height enormously and narrowed the width. 

Remember that Backes just makes things up. He claimed that the Loveladys provided this photo to the HSCA:

There isn't a speck of evidence that the Loveladys provided any photos to the HSCA, nor is there any evidence that the HSCA asked them to. He just completely made it up. 

And just today he claimed to have the image of DPD Ruby is the correct aspect ratio, but did he provide the basis for making the claim? No, he did not.

Ruby DEFINITELY had something on his ear. Here is his DPD mug shot.

And then, the next day at the County Jail, it's still there.

Alright, so that settles that; he had it. But, what about this guy?

There's nothing there. Frankly, it doesn't even look like a human ear. Have you ever seen an ear shaped like that? Ever?

That's supposed to be an ear. I have never in 66 years seen an ear so rectangular in my life. But, this is the JFK assassination, which is a sea of photo-bull-shit. But, there is no mole there. So, he was not Jack Ruby. 

What a disgusting thing that anybody defends this shit. 

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