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"I've been reading your blog entries and it is good work!  I was never convinced that the hallway man (2:00 Friday) was Jack Ruby.  Ruby had more hair than him and your (The Wizard's) observations about nose are spot-on.  Btw, nice catch about the mole on Ruby's ear!

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RC: In my response, I pointed out that not in any film do we see Oswald slap his arm to his chest, as seen in the Jackson photo.

Of course, I am telling you that that slapped arm is fake. It isn't even Oswald's arm. It's certainly not his hand. But, theoretically, we should see the act happen- the slapping of the arm- but we don't.

This was right when "Ruby" pulled the trigger. 

Oswald's response was to go down. He started collapsing. There is no reason to think there was an arm slap going on.
And then Oswald starts veering back. But still, there is no arm slap. 

In the KRLD footage, this is the first view we get of Oswald post-shooting. Again, there is no sign of any arm-slapping going on.

It's followed by this, and clearly, there is no arm-slapping going on.

Then Oswald goes way up on his toes.

How could he possibly do that with the kind of trauma he reportedly sustained? 

In the NBC footage, Oswald cringes forward in response to being shot.

And then he veers back, but again there is no indication of any arm-slapping.

Even there, if he had his arm slapped up, we'd probably see at least the tips of the fingers, but we don't.

Fact: The action, the story, of the Jackson does NOT happen in the footages. 

And it is full of bull shit. Oswald's slapped arm and hand: bull shit. Leavelle's hand in the pants: bull shit. The thick porcelain handcuff: bull shit. Leavelle's absence of a handcuff (where presumably the cuff is supposed to be way up his sleeve): bull shit. And remember, "Ruby" has already shot. He shot before Oswald slapped his arm. So, why is he still pointing his gun? We don't see that in the films either. How long would he hold that pose after pulling the trigger? It's just theater; a showcase. It's choreography. Oswald was NEVER turned as we see him there. In the footage, we see him cringe forward, then veer back, but never twist. We see him cringe forward, then veer back, but never twist. We see him cringe forward, then veer back, but never twist. 

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