Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Response to another researcher:

Thank you, ZZZ.  I will take a look at that. As far as my blog goes, I sometimes, well often, need to refer to something that I posted long ago, and the way I get to it is by doing a Google search for it, where I type in "Oswald in the doorway Ralph Cinque Jack Ruby handcuffed" or whatever, and I can usually find what I'm looking for that way.  

Another very strange thing is that you had all these movie cameras filming throughout the ruckus, which lasted, what about 20 seconds, and nobody caught even a glimpse of Oswald being carried into the jail office. Try to imagine how large an object two men carrying a third man would be. How is it that not even a small piece of that got filmed?

Now, as far as the "rehearsal," as you call it, meaning the one with Ruby, I presume it occurred anywhere from half an hour to one hour before the televised one. I place a lot of significance on Ruby having cited the time of his WU visit as 10:15. He was immediately corrected, of course, but even so.  And then, I discovered that Ruby's so-called "deathbed confession" was edited. Even though it was between him and his brother and his lawyer, it was edited, as in shortened. The audio version contains no reference to the time, but the printed transcript has him saying that it was 11:15. What if he said 10:15 again?

Ruby reported recognizing NO ONE in the garage when he was there. But, why should that have been the case? There were people there at the televised spectacle who knew him, which means that he knew them, including cops and reporters. But, the only name that Ruby could cite was Officer Sam Pierce who was stopped at the head of the ramp when Ruby was there. This suggests to me that they had different people populating the garage for the rehearsal. And then, Ruby said that when police pounced on him, he immediately began saying, "What are you doing? This is me, Jack Ruby. You know me." But, we know very well that the Garage Shooter at the televised spectacle didn't do that. He didn't say anything. He was mute. 

So, there is a lot I don't know, such as the exact time, but I have no doubt that Ruby got there early; he was pounced upon; taken away; and taken up to the 5th floor, which is where he was during the televised spectacle, until they mistakenly brought him down in just his shirt, leaving his jacket upstairs. Ralph 

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