Thursday, July 20, 2017

This image was taken on Main Street as the motorcade was approaching Dealey Plaza. You can see how far behind Hargis that Martin was, and he was NOT that far behind him when the Moorman photo was taken. He was practically even with him. But, notice that you can see Martin's right hand gripping the handlebar. That hand could enter the camera field of a photographer facing straight ahead before his left hand does, but only by a little bit. It's not as though his whole forearm could enter the picture before any of his left appears. But, that is what presents in the Moorman photo, and it is fake.

  Look at the other again and try to imagine how so much of his right side could appear without any of the left, even though the left was between what we see and the lens. 

Now listen up, enemies. I don't give a shit about your opinions or explanations. If you want to defend the validity of this:

you do it with a camera. You duplicate it. Stifle your lip-flapping. Don't tell. Show. 

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