Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I just learned tonight that Jack Ruby was reported to be "mumbling" after his arrest. A local Dallas news anchor said it on television. I believe it, and it doesn't surprise me. Jack Ruby was drugged, and most likely, he was drugged with Scopolamine.

Note that we, the public, never heard a word from Jack Ruby on November 24. Why is that? We heard from Oswald on November 22. We heard a lot from him.  But, Jack Ruby was mute. The truth is that Jack Ruby was out of it. He was intoxicated. 

I also found out very recently that Jack Ruby tried to get out of going to the Western Union. It was Sunday, and he told Karen Carlin on the phone that he would give her the money in cash the next day, Monday. Who can't wait from Sunday to Monday? Well, she couldn't. 

So, that was the pretext to get Ruby close; very close; in close walking distance to the garage. Then, all they needed was for someone, anyone, to suggest that he check out what was going on down at police ramp entrance. People were gathered at an incoming ramp on a Sunday morning? Who were they expecting to come in? Nobody. They were there for Jack Ruby. Think of them as a magnet. But, there was no assurance it was going to work. Scopolamine provided the assurance. Scopolamine turns you into a zombie, where, like a windup doll, you just go in any direction that you're pointed. The final step was for someone to be at the ramp to suggest that he go down the ramp. Bingo. There weren't that many doors to get through, were there?

And realize Jack Ruby never did say why he walked down the ramp. And the reason he didn't say is because he didn't know why. He had no reason to go down there. He certainly didn't go down there to kill Oswald. He didn't even expect to see Oswald, and he said so. 

Mumbling, huh? But, that's not what we heard from the cops. They didn't say anything about mumbling. They said that right in the jail office, Ruby was talking trash about Oswald-without mumbling- saying that he hopes the son of a bitch dies, that he did them all (the Dallas Police) a big favor, etc. Tell me: does this look like a guy who was talking that way?

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