Friday, July 28, 2017

I appeared on The New JFK Show #160 with Gary King, host, on Wednesday evening, sharing the spotlight with a man named Charles Lincoln who was friends with JD Tippit's son when they went to school in Dallas. And Charles was interesting. He said that this son was quite troubled and mal-adjusted. But, he said that Mrs. Tippit became a weathy woman after her husband's death- that they lived in the "Beverly Hills of Dallas." 

Of course, the Oswald of fame did NOT kill Tippit. The Oswald of fame was already in the Texas Theater at the time that Tippit was killed. And what few people talk about, but what I think is very significant, is that we were never told Oswald's account of how he got to the theater. Obviously, he didn't say that he walked to 10th and Patton, shot Tippit, and then scurried to the theater, sneaking in. So, what did he say? I think we should assume that he traveled there by motorized vehicle because Butch Burroughs was selling him popcorn by 1:07, and it was after 1:00 by the time he left his boarding room. So, who gave him a lift? And, the very fact that somebody gave him a lift is probably the very reason why we never heard what he said. And what exactly did he say? How come neither Fritz, nor Bookhout, nor Hosty wrote anything down about this? 

I have heard many speculations about who the Tippit shooter was. I know that John Armstrong believes he was "Lee" meaning the other Lee Harvey Oswald. But, what I surmise is this: Tippit must have known the shooter, and he did not suspect that he was JFK's killer. If he did, he would not have approached him the way he did. In fact, if he really had  a strong hunch that this was the guy, he would have called for backup immediately. 

During his Sixth Floor Museum interview, Detective Elmer Boyd (who was close with Tippit; their families took outings together) said that some witness said that Tippit straightened out his hat upon getting out of the car before being shot. And Boyd laughed because he said that that was Tippit's habit, that he always straightened out his hat upon getting out of the car. But, would he do that if he thought he was facing a killer? Who thinks about his hat at a time like that? In fact, I should think he would have gone for his gun.  The very idea that he would talk through the window with the guy suggests familiarity and trust because that was a vulnerable situation. So, I don't think Tippit felt endangered by the guy, whoever he was. 

Anyway, my contribution to the show was a bit of a hodge-podge, starting with the images of the Dan Rather lookalike from the Police Garage. My enemies were so elated when I temporarily removed that post to rework it.  But now, here I am talking about it on Internet television. The fact is: the guy had an uncanny likeness to Dan Rather, and I continue to suspect that he was Rather. 

So, with no further adieu, here is the link to The New JFK Show #160, featuring Charles Lincoln and Ralph Cinque: 

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