Saturday, July 29, 2017

Response to David Von Pein.

DVP says that if you just curl your fingers, you can  make your hand look just like Oswald's in the Jackson photo. Let's test that theory.

First, let's look at the shape of the wrist. Notice on the right that mine is a straight line going across, as you would expect. Look at the shape of Oswald's. It goes across; reaches a point; and then curves around into a half-moon. THAT WHOLE EXPANSE IS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE WRIST. Now, count my knuckles. I have a thumb knuckle, then 4 knuckles higher up, one for each finger. Oswald has got a dubious thumb knuckle, and then just 3 knuckles for the other fingers. Now, let's consider the reach of the thumb compared to the fingers. On me, my thumb doesn't even reach the first inter-phalangeal joint of the index finger. On him, it goes beyond it. His thumb is way too big, and it is way too long. Furthermore, it's impossible to turn a left thumb that far. That isn't a left thumb on the left; it is a right thumb. 

Did they come out the same by curling the fingers? Not even close.

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