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Jack Ruby was not well in his mind, even after the effects of the Scopolamine from 11/24 wore off. This is the very first statement he made to the Warren Commissioners.

"I would like to be able to get a lie detector test or truth serum of what motivated me to do what I did at that particular time, and it seems as you get further into something, even though you know what you did, it operates against you somehow, brainwashes you, that you are weak in what you want to tell the truth about and what you want to say which is the truth."

It's pretty rambling and incoherent, don't you think? And it was his first statement and not in response to a question. You'd think he would have had something to say that was precise, coherent, and well-organized. 

His second statement was not much better. Still very rambling, disjointed, and

"As it started to trial--I don't know if you realize my reasoning, how I happened to be involved--I was carried away tremendously emotionally, and all the time I tried to ask Mr. Belli, I wanted to get up and say the truth regarding the steps that led me to do what I have got involved in, but since I have a spotty background in the night club business, I should have been the last person to ever want to do something that I had been involved in. In other words, I was carried away tremendously. You want to ask me questions?" 

Do you see what I mean that Jack Ruby had a lot of trouble being coherent? Then, Ruby went through his actions that weekend in rather exact detail. He said nothing about going to the DPD on Friday afternoon. He recalled correcting Henry Wade about the name of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, but he also said that he had just heard it on the radio- on KLIF, he said. I think a lot of people try to read too much into it, that Ruby must have been involved with Oswald.

Then, Ruby went off on why he wanted to be brought to Washington, and my impression is that he specifically wanted to be placed under the supervision of Earl Warren because he trusted him. And Warren was extremely nice to Ruby: warm, kind, fatherly, patient, understanding. I could go on and on. But, Ruby did not trust his lawyer. Joe Tonahill. 

Mr. RUBY. You are lying, Joe Tonahill. You are lying.
Mr. TONAHILL. No; I am not.
Mr. RUBY. You are lying, because you know what motivated me. You want to make it that it was a premeditation.
Mr. RUBY. Yes; you do.
Mr. TONAHILL. I don't think there was any premeditation, but you go ahead and tell it your way. That is what we want you to do. That is what the Chief Justice wants. 

So, Ruby was denying premeditation, and everything supports that there was no premeditation.

Apparently in reference to the Oswald shooting, Ruby said: "the thought never entered my mind."

Basically, they were just letting Ruby say whatever he wanted to say. But, after starting with that detailed account of what he did on Friday, he then got distracted talking about going to Washington, and he wasn't going back to it. And I'm not surprised. He was not right in his mind. He could not keep on point. But then, Earl Warren tried to put him back on point. And this came out:

"And I drove past Main Street, past the County Building, and there was a crowd already gathered there. And I guess I thought I knew he was going to be moved at 10 o'clock, I don't know. I listened to the radio; and I passed a crowd and it looked--I am repeating myself--and I took it for granted he had already been moved."

So, Ruby thought that Oswald had already been moved. 

And let me make it clear that I do not attribute any lying to Ruby. Why would he lie? He was accepting that he shot Oswald. So, what did he have to lie about? What else really mattered besides that? 

So, here is the clincher:

"Then I drove, parked the car across from the Western Union, went into the Western Union, sent the money order, whatever it was, walked the distance from the Western Union to the ramp--I didn't sneak in. I didn't linger in there.
I didn't crouch or hide behind anyone, unless the television camera can make it seem that way.
There was an officer talking--I don't know what rank he had--talking to a Sam Pierce in a car parked up on the curb.
I walked down those few steps, and there was the person that--I wouldn't say I saw red--it was a feeling I had for our beloved President and Mrs. Kennedy, that he was insignificant to what my purpose was.
And when I walked down the ramp--I would say there was an 8-foot clearance--not that I wanted to be a hero, or I didn't realize that even if the officer would have observed me, the klieg lights, but I can't take that.
I did not mingle with the crowd. There was no one near me when I walked down that ramp, bec
ause if you will time the time I sent the money order, I think it was 10:17 Sunday morning.
I think the actual act was committed--I take that back--was it 11 o'clock? You should know this.
Mr. MOORE. 11: 21.
Mr. RUBY. No; when Oswald was shot. 

Mr. MOORE. I understood it to be 11:22.
Mr. RUBY. The clock stopped and said 11:21. I was watching on that thing; yes. Then it must have been 11:17, closer to 18. That is the timing when I left the Western Union to the time of the bottom of the ramp.
You wouldn't have time enough to have any conspiracy, to be self-saving, to mingle with the crowd, as it was told about me.
I realize it is a terrible thing I have done, and it was a stupid thing, but I just was carried away emotionally. Do you follow that?
Chief Justice WARREN. Yes; I do indeed, every word.
Mr. RUBY. I had the gun in my right hip pocket, and impulsively, if that is the correct word here, I saw him, and that is all I can say. And I didn't care what happened to me.
I think I used the words, "You killed my President, you rat." The next thing, I was down on the floor.
I said, "I am Jack Ruby. You all know me."
I never used anything malicious, nothing like s.o.b. I never said that I wanted to get three more off, as they stated.
The only words, and I was highly emotional; to Ray Hall--he interrogated more than any other person down there--all I believe I said to him was, "I didn't want Mrs. Kennedy to come back to trial."
And I forget what else. And I used a little expression like being of the Jewish faith, I wanted to show that we love our President, even though we are not of the same faith.

RC: Note that that is FBI Agent C. Ray Hall to whom he referred, who lived a long life, until 2015.

Why was an FBI agent interrogating Ruby? It wasn't a federal crime. Even the killing of the President was not a federal crime, and the interrogation of Oswald was a Dallas Police matter. So, why not the same for Ruby?

It is well established that the Mrs. Kennedy bit was invented by Ruby's first lawyer. And yet, when talking to the Commissioners, Ruby related it as if he had said it and thought it as the time. I don't attribute it to dishonesty. I attribute it to confusion. 

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