Friday, July 21, 2017

Isn't it fascinating that the Warren Commission addressed the issue of Doorman's identity without utilizing a single image of Lovelady? They had the photos that the FBI took, but they never addressed them and just left them in the document pile. We only found out about them thanks to Harold Weisberg. 

The WC made their whole case for Lovelady as Doorman by witness declarations.  But, it doesn't make sense because the process involves comparing Lovelady's image to Doorman. That's true whether you know Lovelady or not. They had Lovelady. Right? He came and talked to them. So, why not take a picture of Lovelady and put it next to Doorman, and let people see for themselves that he was a match to Doorman? Isn't that more powerful than getting a few lip-flappers to flap? 

But, they didn't do that. They just went with the lip-flapping; and not that many flappers either. And Lovelady, himself, refused to claim that he was Doorman. How easily he could have said, "I'm the guy next to the column in the open shirt." And when I say "easily" I mean that it's no harder to get the lips and tongue to say that than anything else.  But, although the speaking was easy, the lying wasn't. If you read through Lovelady's testimony, you realize that he was trying very hard not to upset Joseph Ball's apple cart, while at the same time, trying very hard not to lie. 

But, the discovery of his protruding ears explains a lot. It explains why the FBI never put him in front of a sea of microphones and cameras to declare to the world that he was Doorman. The world would have seen his protruding ears. It explains why the FBI and Dallas Police announced that no picture-taking of Lovelady would be allowed or tolerated. It explains why CBS trashed the Doorman segment from their 4 hour JFK Special in 1967.  It explains why when Robert Jackson took Lovelady's picture in 1971, he did it when no one was looking. And of course that image is so heavily altered, it's like Frankenstein. 

 Look at that manniken arm. Look at those completely disparate hands. Is that even Lovelady?

Based on that, I don't even think it's the same man. 

Robert Jackson: Photo-mole of the Fascist State. 

He shoots a camera for the State the way soldiers shoot guns for the State.

Lovelady's protruding ears explains why Attorney Ken Brooten was very content not to drag Lovelady to Washington to testify to the HSCA. He reportedly got Lovelady to scribble something about him being the Doorway Man, but considering that this was a federal investigation, why so informal? Why didn't they type up something and have it notorized? OIC Chairman Larry Rivera found a handwriting expert who has claimed that the scribble is not Lovelady's handwriting. But again, why, in such a crucial matter, would they not have gotten a notary? 

And, Lovelady's protruding ears may even explain why they killed him because if a photographer or reporter got to him after the HSCA report came out, then it would have been all over. Somebody would have had something to tell the world comparable to,  "Soylent Green is people!"

The evil. The evil then. The evil now. It can be seen. This is it. You're looking at it. 

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