Sunday, July 23, 2017

To believe that Jack Ruby conspired WITH the Dallas Police, including Captain Fritz, to kill Oswald is really stupid. Yet, Joseph Backes claims he's never met anyone who didn't know it. 

Well, what about all the people who claim that Ruby did it alone? Has Backes never met any of those people? Does he not know that they exist?

And if Fritz knew, as Backes claims, then didn't Jim Leavelle have to know? You don't assume it was a plot just between Fritz and Ruby, do you? There is no evidence that Fritz and Ruby ever met prior to November 24. Besides, how could Fritz let his men, Leavelle and Graves, escort Oswald without warning them that Ruby was going to be attacking? 

It had to be a scary for Leavelle, don't you think? Knowing that the only thing between him and the bullet was Oswald's skinny frame.

But, Jim Leavelle has made a cottage industry out of reliving his doomed escorting of Oswald. So, Jim Leavelle is a liar, isn't he, Backes? According to your theory, he's a liar. Of course, according to my theory, he's a liar too, but I say the conspiracy involved the Dallas Police and the FBI but not Ruby. I say Ruby was just the patsy.

Well, let's see, Backes: If the Dallas Police conspired with Ruby to kill Oswald, then in effect, they all killed him. Didn't they? They were accomplices to murder, were they not? They all have blood on their hands, don't they? So, how do you feel about Jim Leavelle being an accomplice to murder, and yet going around the country, receiving awards and accolades, being honored, being revered, when all along he was involved in the plot to kill Oswald?

That's some theory you've got there, Backes. But, you haven't laid out the nuts and bolts of it. When and how was it arranged? Why did Ruby agree to go along with it when it meant a fate worse than death for him? And I am not exaggerating; it was worse than death what he got. Why would anybody do such a thing? Ruby was willing to kill Oswald even though it meant the utter and complete destruction of everything he valued and held dear? Literally, the loss of his entire life, everything he enjoyed about being alive was gone, and gone forever? But, you figure that he figured, "Yeah, this will be worth it." 

You're a buffoon, Backes. You're stupid, and not even you can explain your asinine, ridiculous, preposterous theory. 

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