Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It has everything to do with it, you stupid moron. It's the exact same situation.

So, we are Ruby, and he is looking into the car. He sees the driver, but he doesn't see the woman. He even recognizes the man, but he doesn't see the woman at all. That's the story. That's the official story. 

And note that the stupid Backass takes great offense if I use an image from Google Images. Google already used the image. It's already showing on their page, but God forbid it should show on mine. Backes calls it stealing, even though, without permission, he takes and uses images of me.

Stolen, right, Backes? Hypocrisy? More stupidity really. He can't hold two thoughts in his head at the same time. "Cinque helps himself to online images. But, I help myself to his images. So, I better not fault him for that because I'll be a hypocrite if I do."

But, his mind doesn't go there. He just flops into the hypocrisy. He's a very stupid man.  

Backes: When I find an online image that demonstrates a point that I am trying to make, I am going to use it. 

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