Sunday, July 23, 2017

Just think: if Fritz was in cahoots with Ruby, as the Idiot maintains, then he had to tell Leavelle and Graves. Because: if he didn't tell them, they might have interfered. Don't you think it's possible that Graves could have grabbed Ruby's arm before the shot went off? He didn't, of course. But, what if he was really trying to protect Oswald? Don't you think it's possible that he could have and would have done it?  

So, Fritz had to tell them not to interfere, to let Ruby get the shot off, and then grab him- and make it look good.

And what about Blackie Harrison? Wasn't "Ruby" right next to him before he bolted to Oswald? What if Blackie grabbed "Ruby" in time? Don't you think it's possible that he could have? Didn't Fritz have to tell Blackie not to interfere too?

And if Fritz was going to tell all them, then why wouldn't he tell all of them? Lowery? Combest? Beaty? Why not? Because if they didn't know, think of the questions they could ask, the trouble they could incite.  

But, why would Fritz trust Ruby? I could add why would Leavelle trust Ruby to shoot Oswald without shooting him. But, why would Fritz and the others be confident that Ruby was going to keep his mouth shut? Don't you think it's possible that, over time, Ruby would get sick and tired of doing all the paining while the cops did all the gaining? What if he changed his mind and decided to take them down with him? So, you, Backes, think that Fritz was willing to be beholden to Jack Ruby for the rest of his life or Ruby's life? That he had no worries that Ruby would keep accepting all the blame while protecting the cops, who were his co-conspirators?  Fritz had no worries that Ruby would change his mind and tell his lawyer the truth? 

You're stupid, Backes, and it's staggering to think that anyone could be as stupid as you are. Why didn't you think your theory through before claiming it? 

It is the dumbest thing that anybody has ever come up with in JFK assassination research, that the Dallas Police conspired with Jack Ruby to kill Oswald. 

And tell me, Backes, behind closed doors, did they talk frankly to each other? That is, the cops and Ruby? Did they acknowledge the truth that they conspired together to kill Oswald? 

There was a conspiracy to kill Oswald, but it did not involve Jack Ruby. He was just the mark. He was just the patsy. They didn't trust him. They didn't put their fate in his hands to keep his mouth shut. They manipulated him to believe that he really shot Oswald. They knew that if they told him that he did it, he would believe them. It wasn't about trusting him or working with him or scheming with him. It was about playing him. It was about setting him up and trapping him and tricking him, and all based on his mental impairment that was aided and abetted with drugs. 

Your stupid scenario has no on legs, Backes. You're just a hapless moron. 

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