Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I mentioned to Sparta on McAdam's forum that one way to prove that the Bob Jackson photo was altered is to re-create it. Specifically, re-create the humongous freak hand that we see there, in which Oswald, after being shot, supposedly slapped his arm to his chest (as if anybody would do that). 

So, I recreated it, and this is what I got. Notice the length of my thumb is much shorter than my fingers. 

But, here is Oswald:

How could his thumb reach so far? And compare the shape of my wrist to his. My wrist just goes straight across in a straight line. But, we supposed to believe that that is all one wrist on him, where it goes across, reaches a point, and then starts making a half-moon through an angle that was sharper than the one the limo made from Houston to Elm. How could that be "a" wrist? 

And obviously, there are 5 fingers on me, a thumb and 4 fingers. 

But on him, there are a thumb and just 3 fingers.

What I did there was number the fingers but also number the knuckle joints. Obviously, there should be a knuckle for every finger. On the freak thumb, it doesn't even look like a knuckle, but I presume there is one there. Then, I numbered the other knuckles, and there's just 3. So, where's the other knuckle? 

If that image is REAL, then it should be reproducible. It was very easy for me to do this. All it took was a camera and a mirror. So, anyone can do it. So, let's see someone reproduce the freak hand we see in the Jackson photo. And listen up: until someone does it, it is now established that it is a bogus image. I've just proven it. 

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