Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I want you to look at these two images of Jack Ruby. The one on the left is reportedly when he was just brought into the jail office from the garage, where he was handcuffed and then led to the elevator to be taken up to the 5th floor. The one on the right is his mug shot taken a short while later. 

Obviously, there is a big difference in the hair. Obviously, they let him tidy up before his mug shot. But, I have to wonder because if he started with what we see on the left, and he just took a comb to it, I don't think he could get it to lie so flat like that. To me, on the right, his hair looks slicked down, at least with water, and maybe with some kind of hair cream. But, in such a situation, how could so much attention be given to his hair? It looks like an awful lot of primping to me. Why, at a time like that, would Jack Ruby be concerned about how his hair looked? 

I have already told you that Ruby was brought down from the 5th floor for this, which is where he was during the televised spectacle, and they mistakenly left his jacket up there. But, I'm thinking that they deliberately mussed his hair like that- just to make it look like he had been through a ruckus. And then likewise, the grooming of his hair which followed was their doing too. Ruby was out of it mentally the whole time. He never had anything to say. He was completely passive. Completely submissive. You can't tell me that he said to them, "Now listen, I have to do something about my hair. I can't have a mug shot taken in this condition." No, it was their doing. The whole thing was staged and choreographed. Don't you get it? It was all theater.   

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