Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The ramp was and is very narrow. It's just an itty-bitty place. So, you had a police car there and an officer on foot, and another former officer on foot who knew very well that the object was to keep people out. But, Ruby, without even trying to be evasive, waltzed on in without being seen by any of them? If you believe that, you are nothing but lapdog for the Fascist State. The very idea that there were "spectators" there is preposterous since it was an incoming ramp, and there was no one they could have expected to come in. 

Ruby was walking the opposite direction from his parked car, where he had left his beloved dog. He had no business or purpose in going to the PD. He actually walked past a regular entrance to the PD to get to that ramp. So, if he had business there, he could have walked through the door rather than use that dingy ramp. The crowd attracted him, but even that is strange. Why should some people loitering around a dingy ramp be such a lure? The former officer NJ Daniels said the same thing, that he was just driving by, and the crowd gathered there aroused his curiosity. To look, even to slow down, I could buy, but to actually park and get out and walk there just for that reason? Because you're fascinated by people hanging around a dingy place? Nope. Not buying it.  Did I mention that it was an incoming ramp? Who could they have been waiting to see come in? There's nobody. You hear me? I said nobody! They were just there because of Ruby. And Ruby didn't know why he was there. Somebody suggested to his Scopolamine-fueled brain that he go there, so he did- like a zombie. Scopolamine is the zombie drug; they call it that. Then, at the ramp somebody must have said, "Go on down there. Walk to the bottom." Again: on Scopolamine, you don't ask why, you just do. The critical part of your brain is shut down. You're like a wind-up toy that can be pointed in any direction and go. 

The idea that Ruby was out to kill Oswald is absolutely preposterous. How could anyone engage in the mundane act of wiring $25 to someone right before killing someone and utterly destroying his own life? It was a very little, ho-hum, hum-drum errand in his workaday life. Which he did right before laying waste to his entire existence? 

And the idea that the sight of Oswald triggered such a self-destructive act is equally preposterous. SELF-DESTRUCTIVE. That's the word. Never mind Oswald. The idea that Ruby would throw away his entire life- destroy it down to the last nub- has zero credibility. 

The people who killed Kennedy also killed Oswald, although in this case, they got the Dallas Police to do their bidding for them. Now do you understand now why they killed Tippit? It greased the way for the Dallas Police to kill Oswald.  

Poor Jack Ruby. I feel more sorry for him than I do Oswald. Oswald has always had his defenders, and he very impressively sought to defend himself. He battled. But, Ruby capitulated; he had no one. He died clueless about what happened and what was done to him.  A more exploited and abused person there has never been.  


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