Sunday, July 30, 2017

This is what I mean about Oswald's wrist in the Jackson photo being bizarre. You notice that my wrist is a straight line, as you would expect it to be because a wrist is a wrist, right? But, Oswald's wrist takes this meandering path that looks like the border between two states. ALL OF THAT, EVERY BIT OF IT, IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE SHAPE OF HIS WRIST.

 How could anybody's wrist be shaped like that? IT'S BOGUS! It isn't real! What it is is two wrists. That's a right hand clasping a left. The straight part is the left wrist. The curved part is the right wrist. So, it's two wrists and two hands. Why did they do it? Well, the whole arm slapped to the chest is bogus.  They just wanted to cover up the area in which he was shot to justify the lack of trauma. There is no visible trauma in the Jackson photo- no trauma, no blood, not even any torn clothing. The only way to explain it was to cover the whole area up. Hence, all the arms akimbo. And to think that they gave it the Pulitzer Prize. That was probably to shut Bob Jackson up. And look how ridiculously long and large Oswald's thumb is. And it looks mangled. Compare it to mine. The Bob Jackson photo is grotesque. It is a monstrosity, an abomination.  

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