Thursday, July 20, 2017

First of all, Sparta, it is my contention that that figure on the left was NOT Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was not at the Dallas PD at 2:00 PM on Friday. There are phone records from the Carousel Club which prove that he was on the phone talking to his sister Eva at 2:00. Ruby never claimed to go to the Dallas PD that afternoon. He did admit going to the Midnight Press Conference that night, but not to the PD that afternoon. And there are issues with that figure which conflict with Ruby.

But, regardless of all that, what is wrong with you? It is obvious and plain as day that those are two different men. Can't you see that the man on the left had a longer, narrower head? Can't you see that the man on the right is pudgy in comparison? Can't you see that his hair was longer at the bottom? Can't you see that he had a wider, rounder head? Do shapes escape you? 

And what do you think is making the color of their necks so different? The lighting? 

I think very few people would claim that those two are the same man. Do you want to bet? Let's make it a straight up bet. We'll present it to, say, 100 people, with NO EXPLANATION. We wouldn't want to bias them now, would we? Just going by the picture, is it the same man or not? I bet that more will say not. That's the bet. Now, are you interested or not? 

You did yourself and your case no good putting that up, Sparta. 

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