Thursday, July 27, 2017

This came in from a JFK researcher, one whom I respect. I shan't provide a name because the JFK world is, after all, a filthy swamp in which punks travel inter-state to commit crimes against researchers. So, I am not going to provide the name of this researcher, just what he or she wrote. I will also add that this person is not a regular participant. So, don't even try to figure out who it is. 

More good work Ralph . You convinced me that Ruby was framed, just like Oswald.

What jumped out at me in the first photo of Oswald being shot, the Jackson photo, was how thick the shooters upper thighs and buttocks were. That guy was really stocky around the middle  of his body .

Jack Ruby's thighs  and rear were  just not that  that big  and wide.  

Glad to see progress being made even if it is 53 years late.

Ralph Cinque: notice that the shooter's thick is about 3x as thick as Oswald's. And even though he was much shorter, his thigh was thicker than Leavelle's. Jack Ruby actually had relatively skinny legs. He was NOT the Garage Shooter. 

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