Sunday, July 23, 2017

So, the Idiot Backes, is apparently convinced by the points I've made- and the ridicule I've hurled- that Fritz conspiring with Ruby is pretty ridiculous. 

So now, he wants to make it that Fritz didn't really conspire with Ruby; he just got out of the way to give Ruby an opening to get to Oswald, without conspiring with him. But, how would Fritz even know that Ruby was there? How could he have knowledge that a shooter would zip in and kill Oswald unless he knew about it in advance? 

Remember: that garage was on lockdown. Didn't Fritz have confidence in Roy Vaughan that he wouldn't let anyone enter? An 80 year old Walmart greeter could do it. 

So, what reason did Fritz have to think there was a shooter there unless it was arranged in advance? 

Is Backes going to try to claim that Fritz suddenly saw Ruby- and the gun- and realized that this was a golden opportunity, and on the spur of the moment, he moved aside to let Ruby in?

Backes might start claiming it. He is that evil, that wicked, and that stupid. But, before he does, I shall settle the matter because Fritz NEVER looked over towards "Ruby". 

So, here comes Fritz, and he is NOT looking towards his left. He NEVER looks towards his left. 

He continues looking straight ahead.

In fact, if anything, he is looking a little rightward. He is trying hard NOT to look left.

Again, his head was turned right, not left.

Fritz NEVER turned in "Ruby's" direction. You hear me, Backes?

So, there is Bookhout doing his thing; much too short to be Jack Ruby, who was taller than Fritz. Fritz didn't see him; he appeared to try very hard NOT to look his way.

So, if Backes tries to claim that it was a last second thing, where Fritz moved out of the way because he saw Ruby, you'll know that he's flinging Backshit again. The truth is that IF FRITZ MOVED OUT OF THE WAY TO LET "RUBY" IN, IT MUST HAVE BEEN PRE-ARRANGED. Fritz had to walk out that door knowing that Ruby was going to be there. And Ruby, himself, didn't know that. Why would he bring his dog along?

So, this was a setup in which Ruby was the mark, the patsy. Through a combination of suggestion and the use of the drug Scopolamine, they got him to that garage. Ruby didn't know that he was going there. But, Fritz knew. 

And note that Fritz didn't even react to the shot like a normal person, which is to say that his "startle" came too late.

This is after the shot went over, but Fritz has not reacted at all.

You would expect the startle reaction to be instantaneous in a situation like this.

Here, Fritz finally lifts his arms like he's going into a startle reaction, but it's too little, too late. The shot has already gone off, Oswald has screamed out 4x, the scuffle has been underway, and Fritz is just starting to react? FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. 

Fritz was in on it. Ruby wasn't in on it, but Fritz was. Ruby wasn't even there. He was not in the garage during the spectacle. Ruby was already sequestered up on the 5th floor. But, Fritz knew very well that James Bookhout was there, and when he moved out of the way, he moved out of the way for him, James Bookhout, not Jack Ruby. 

The point is that there is NO BASIS to claim that Fritz suddenly saw "Ruby" and acted to facilitate his attack without prior awareness. There had to be prior awareness. The whole operation had to be set up. It took planning. 

Fritz knew that an attacker waited, and he moved out of the way for him. Fritz was directly involved in the plot, but poor Jack Ruby had nothing to do with it. He had nothing to do with the plotting, but he was the object of it.  

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