Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Think about how it was in the hallways of City Hall on Friday afternoon. Oswald was being led from place to place. Reporters were trying to ask him questions. Cameramen were trying to take his picture. Dallas cops, detectives, FBI agents, and Secret Service agents were there in great numbers. It was jam-packed.

But, the point is: nobody was broken up about Kennedy. He had just died an hour before. But, they had all "processed" it by then. They were NOT emotional wrecks. Nobody tried to shoot Oswald. Nobody was even close to being in such a mental state. In a word, to the last man, they were all doing fine, just fine. 

It was the same way throughout the country. People felt bad, but it didn't take them that long to "process" what happened and go on with their lives.

This was the Redskins/Eagles game in Washington DC on Sunday, November 24. Look at the size of that crowd. It's a packed stadium, is it not? 

Kick-off was at 1 PM Eastern, which was 12 Noon Central. So, Oswald was still alive at the time, barely, with Dallas surgeons working frantically trying to save his life. 

It goes to prove the old adage: you can't mourn forever. 

Was it any different in my family? I don't remember specifically, what we did, but I'm sure we did whatever we were going to do otherwise. So no, it wasn't any different for my family. 

The plain truth is that there is a big difference between mourning for someone you know and someone you don't know. And those people in the stadium, they didn't know John Kennedy. They never met him. 

And the same is true for Jack Ruby. He didn't know Kennedy. He never met him.

Was there ANYONE else in the United States, a country of 190 million people at the time, who was so distraught over the murder of JFK that he or she committed a rash act over it?

No, there is not. Out of 190 million people, only one person, Jack Ruby, allegedly, lost it and committed a rash act which not only killed another human being but also destroyed his own life to the point that he might as well have killed himself. 

And not only did no one else but him, allegedly, commit a rash act over the JFK assassination, but no one else got remotely close to committing a rash act. 

But, what about all the threatening phone calls to the Dallas Police about killing Oswald? Lies. Why would someone bent on killing Oswald warn the police? What for? What would it accomplish? How would it aid their mission? What did they need to tell the Police for? And how did they expect the police to respond after they told them? Even in 1963, the phone company could tell the police what number the call came from. When phone records proved that Jack Ruby was on the phone talking to his sister Eileen in Chicago at 2:00, it showed both his number and hers. So, why didn't Dallas Police follow-up on those threatening phone calls? It's because either there weren't any, or if there were, they were bogus. They were part of the whole scheme. 

Jack Ruby was, supposedly, the only person in America driven by the JFK assassination to commit a rash act which utterly destroyed his own life as well as Oswald's- if you believe it.

But, you are a sap if you believe it. Jack Ruby was fine around Oswald at the Midnight Press Conference. And in the two days from Friday to Sunday, he wasn't obsessing about Oswald the whole time. He did things to manage his business. He talked to his family- a lot. And he had a lot of family. Read this testimony of his to the Warren Commissioners.

Mr. RUBY. I tell you, gentlemen, my whole family is in jeopardy. My sisters Eva, Eileen, and Mary, I lost my sisters. My brothers Sam, Earl, Hyman, and myself naturally--my in-laws, Harold Kaminsky, Marge Ruby, the wife of Earl, and Phyllis, the wife of Sam Ruby, they are in jeopardy of loss of their lives- just because they are blood-related to myself--does that sound serious enough to you, Chief Justice Warren?

They were a VERY close Jewish family, and Jewish families tend to be very close. I stayed with a Jewish family once in Montreal, Canada. I was invited up there by a health organization to speak at an event. And it was arranged that I would stay with this Jewish family. And it happened to encompass a Jewish holy day, and they invited me to participate in the celebration with them, which I did. They gave me a kippah to wear. The ceremony involved singing and chanting- and they were all in good voice. And I remember thinking to myself that this has to be the most loving family I have been around in my entire life. And I still hold that conviction to this day, even though it was a long time ago. 

But, the idea that Ruby would have forfeited his life with all those loved ones just to plug Oswald, is preposterous. Even if he had an urge to do it, his love for them would have trumped the urge. 

And, the whole idea that he felt so much compassion for JFK and and Jackie and their children, so therefore, he murdered Oswald makes no sense. The emotion of compassion doesn't go there. Oswald was in custody. The wheels of justice were moving quickly. All expectations were that he would be convicted and executed by the State. There was no reason to think that Jackie would have to testify at his trial. What for? Who could she help? The prosecution? What could she say? That she looked up and saw Oswald in the 6th floor window? That didn't happen. She wasn't going to say that. 

The Dallas Police were handling it. THEY had Oswald. They weren't going to let him get away. And Ruby greatly respected them. Really, he loved them. He wasn't going to usurp them. 

It is just PREPOSTEROUS to think that the pendulum inside Ruby swung instantly out of control when there were all these restraints inside of him: his love for his family; his love for the Dallas Police; his enjoyment of his business, and his pride in his business. Plus, that very DAY, that very afternoon, he was going to start moving into this luxury apartment he signed a lease for. Jack Ruby had too much going on in his life, too much to live for,  too much that brought him satisfaction in his life, to think that he was capable of doing such a thing. He didn't have a wife and children, but he had a very rich life- meaning: many sources of satisfaction in his life to prevent him from doing something that would instantly destroy it all.

So no, Jack Ruby was NOT the one and only American who completely lost it after the JFK assassination and committed a rash act. No American did. But, the killers went on killing. They killed Kennedy. They killed Tippit. They killed Oswald. Then witnesses started dying. 1964 was a very bloody year. But not a single regular American lost it over the JFK assassination. And that includes Jack Ruby. He didn't lose it. He was framed. He was a patsy, just as Oswald was a patsy. They drugged Ruby with Scopolamine to get him to go to the garage. It made him HIGHLY susceptible to suggestion, and they must have had someone at the WU office and at the ramp, to suggest. At no time, did Ruby ever say why he walked down the ramp to the cubbyhole. He did say that it wasn't to see Oswald because he presumed Oswald had already been moved since it was scheduled for 10. So, why did he do it then? Ruby never said because Ruby didn't know. He did NOT know why he walked down that ramp. And that is an iron-clad fact. And he didn't know it because it wasn't his idea. Someone urged him to do it, and when you are high on Scopolamine, you do whatever you are urged to do. 

So no, there wasn't one person out of 190 million who went nuts after the JFK assassination. Nobody went nuts.  Jack Ruby did NOT kill Oswald. He just got tricked into thinking that he did, and he was not well enough in his mind to figure out that he was being framed, that his beloved Dallas Police were lying to him.  


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