Thursday, July 20, 2017

I want you to look at these camera field views in succession to see that the right hand entering the camera field before the left is real, but it is extremely limited. 

This assumes that the photographer is facing the street squarely.

This is the one in which the right arm has penetrated the camera field while the left has not yet done so. But, notice how close the left is to doing so. 

And now they are both in. You can see both in the picture. It isn't that we can see the whole right forearm before seeing any of the left, as seen here:

That is physically, photographically, and optically impossible, not to mention the preposterous distance between the windshield and the torso of the rider, which is implied. And you just have to look at the guy riding the riding lawnmower in the distance to know that. It's just a phony, altered, blood-soaked image crafted by killers, and to this day promoted by killers. 

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