Friday, July 21, 2017

Isn't it a little too convenient that Jack Ruby had something to do right next to the Police Station that morning?

And remember that I have proven that it was a Jack Ruby double at the PD at 2:00 PM on Friday. The proof is that phone records prove that Jack Ruby was on the phone talking to his sister Eve from the Carousel Club at that time. 

It was the Wizard who made this discovery; not me. Here is a collage showing that the DPD Ruby had too much hook in his nose to be Jack Ruby. He was also balder than Jack Ruby. The real Jack Ruby is below in the following collage. The impostor is on top. 

So, a guy whom they had a double for, in which they were setting him up to be seen obsessed with Oswald, just happened to wind up next to the Police Station on Sunday morning. 

And why was the jail transfer over an hour late? The pat answer is that they had to further interrogate Oswald. Are you buying it?

Let's consider: They accuse him of shooting Tippit. He denies it. Next, if it actually took place on Planet Earth in this Universe, as supposed to some other realm, they would have asked for his alibi, and he would have provided it. As it turned out, we never did hear Oswald's alibi for the Tippit murder. We never did hear how he said he traveled from his room to the theater. We heard how he traveled from his job to his room, so why, in the name of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, would we not know how he got to the theater? Regarding the Kennedy murder, they got his alibi at the first interrogation: he was out with Bill Shelley in front. But, by sunrise on Sunday, they had already interrogated him for about 12 hours. So, what else was there to talk about? 

Here are Fritz Notes from that final interrogation session, which was by far the longest.

   So, he listed it as going from 10 to 11:15, although elsewhere it's listed as 9:30 to 11:15, which would have been close to 2 hours. And why would they start it at 10 if the jail transfer was supposed to occur at 10? And how come Fritz didn't write down one thing from it? Nada. 

And according to Bookhout, of all people,. he asked Fritz what came out of the last interrogation, and Fritz told him nothing. That's according to Bookhout.

"I asked Captain Fritz if he had--if Oswald made any admissions, and he stated that he had not made any."

Huh. And the Evil Harry Holmes had the nerve to claim that Oswald started singing like a canary about Mexico City. I tell you, it's the evil that gets to me; the evil then, and the evil now. 

So, I propose that the delay had nothing to do with the interrogation. The delay concerned Ruby: They couldn't hold the spectacle until Ruby was safely sequestered up on the 5th floor. They had to complete their incident with him before they could do the grand one for the cameras: the spectacle. 

So, maybe Ruby was late. Maybe the plan was for him to arrive earlier. Why was he late? Well, we know that he made a stop in Dealey Plaza to pay his respects and look at the flowers that people had left. Did he leave some of his own? I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did. To be continued. 

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