Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why does Oswald's chin look so wide on the left? You can see it wasn't that wide on the right. In fact, it was pretty narrow. It was narrowly square except it also had a dimple at the bottom. It looked NOTHING like the chin on the left. So, why does it look the way it does on the left? Because it's fake. They wanted to produce an image that matches his look in the Backyard photos. There, they slapped Oswald's face over the body of another man. Oswald said so himself. But, they very cleverly left the chin of the original man. That way, they didn't have to create a new interface between the head and neck. They bypassed that. They started above the chin. By leaving the original chin, they made the photographic surgery look more subtle. Of course, they were also stuck with that ridiculously wide chin. So, they created another image like it. 

The JFK assassination is the most photographically altered event in the history of the world. And they haven't stopped. They're still doing it. And really, my biggest question is: will they kill again? They've killed many, but will they kill more? Will they kill me? That is, will they try to kill me? 

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