Thursday, July 20, 2017

How come there is so little footage of Jack Ruby being led around the PD on 11/24? You recall how much there was of Oswald. So, why not something comparable for Ruby? 

If you do a Youtube search for Oswald at the PD, you pull up a ton of videos. A lot of it is repetitious, but even so. Try doing it for Ruby. I don't get anything. Nothing at all.

I recalled that there was a little such footage in the 1993 retrospective by Fred Rheinstein, entitled The Killing of Lee Harvey Oswald.

I presume that is the real Jack Ruby. It looks like him. That's the 3rd floor of the PD, and I believe what they are doing there is taking Ruby to Fritz' office. The time was reportedly 3:00. But, I notice that he's still wearing his own shirt. That is definitely NOT the cabana shirt.

So, as of 3:00, Ruby was still in his own clothes. But, that conflicts with the testimonies and with the jail record, which says that he was changed out of his clothes immediately. 

So, if he's still in his own shirt, and he is, then he must still be in his own underwear too, don't you think? You don't think they changed his underwear without changing his shirt, do you?  But, this followed his processing at the 5th floor jail at which his property invoice was made, which included 1 set underwear: 

Look at that! It even says that they took his white dress shirt, yet, there he is still wearing it hours later. 

That is definitely his own shirt. It is NOT the cabana shirt. You can't tell me they gave out shirts like that to prisoners at the Dallas PD. Well, actually, they didn't give out any shirts to prisoners at the Dallas PD, and they still don't. I called and talked to the jailer.

So, there is Jack Ruby wearing his own shirt, and I can pretty well guarantee you that he was wearing his own underwear.  

So, they lied about changing his underwear. They had to because the socks of the Garage Shooter conflicted with Ruby's socks. So, they had to make it that after Ruby fatally shot Oswald, the Dallas Police said to him, "Take it off, Jack. Take it all off. We need everything. Give us your soiled drawers. Get naked, Jack." That, reportedly, is the story of what transpired. 

But, I digress. I didn't come here to talk about that this evening. I came to talk about his expression.

 It isn't normal- not for a man who has just fatally shot another man and thereby destroyed his own life as thoroughly and completely as anyone could. Right there and then, Jack Ruby had lost everything. Everything! His beloved Carousel Club. His beloved dogs. Lunches with his beloved sister Eva. The new swanky apartment he was dying to move into. All gone. Everything shot to hell. What he had left to live for and to look forward to now was NOTHING. And yet, look at the expression on his face. Is it appropriate? No, it is not. Look at his eyes, how spacey and unfocused they look. Notice how both cops, the one in uniform and the one in a suit, look focused. But, Ruby looks zombied; he looks out of it; he looks disconnected from reality- the situation he was in. HE WAS! And it was drug-induced. 

Now keep in mind that Ruby continued to be drugged. And what maddens me is that the State, which was prosecuting him for murder and threatening him with the death penalty, was running his medical care, choosing his doctor, etc. That Ruby's lawyers allowed that is an outrage. I just came upon a statement tonight that was issued by a leading polygraph examiner who said that it would be a waste of time to administer a polygraph test to Jack Ruby because of his mental impairment and because of the drugs he was taking. And that was months after this. 

But, here's another interesting thing. Look how gentle Jack Ruby looks in this image.

Does he look like someone who just shortly before was fighting against police in the garage? And putting on a Herculean battle at that, where it took 12 of them to subdue him? And then, according to them, the cops, he started talking trash, saying things like "I hope the son-of-a-bitch dies." Remember, there is an affect that goes along with such words. Are you seeing that affect on the face of Jack Ruby above? Do you think maybe the cops lied? I do. I don't see those words coming out of this guy's mouth. Do you?

The only other image I have of Jack Ruby at the Dallas PD on 11/24/63 is this one.

This is the one in which he should be in a jacket because, supposedly, they just brought him in from the garage where he was wearing a jacket, and there is NO CHANCE that they removed it. But, look how out of it Ruby is here. If he really shot Oswald, don't you think he would have been interested in looking down at Oswald's body like the cop next to him is doing? But, Jack Ruby just walks along like he's sleep-walking. I'm telling you: he was out of it. He He was spaced out. He was drugged. 

And that's it. I have no other images of Jack Ruby at the Dallas PD on 11/24. Why is that? He was marched around the halls, and they were packed with reporters and photographers. And recall what they did with Oswald: they shouted questions at him. Don't you think they did that with Ruby too? "Why'd you do it, Jack?" And what was Ruby's response. We don't know. Did he ever say anything publicly on 11/24/64? We just don't know.  

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