Saturday, July 22, 2017

In the KRLD film, there are 5 men along the south wall before it juts. The most outward one was Lowery, and the third one is Beaty. Between them is Lying Combest, who said that Oswald was shaking his head to answer yes or no questions in the jail office. 

We are barely seeing the Easter suit of Leavelle and his hat peeking out. So, we are a couple seconds before the Beers photo, but the cops along the wall don't move. They stay put. But, in the Beers photo, the arrangement is different.

So, instead of being lined up against the back wall, which we don't see, we see Lowery, Combest and Beaty standing diagonally, and Beaty is forward of the corner. How can anyone say that is the same arrangement? It's not. They are standing in different positions. 

This is how the other researcher put it:

"In the Beers photo the left wall is short and only fits 2.5 men before it juts out. Compare it to the stills from the KRLD film. The supposed same left wall is longer and fits 5 men along it before jutting out.  Third man in each picture is Buford Beaty.  In the Beers photo he's last, on the corner.  In the others he is smack dab in the middle with two men to his right and left.  Imo this is the best undeniable proof that there were at least two different scenes." 

RC: Let's compare it now to Jackson:

In Jackson, it's even worse, meaning that Beaty seems to be a mile away from the wall. So, this is a very big contrast to KRLD.

And NO! You can't attribute it all to perspective. It's just too much. Even considering the perspective, Beaty can't be in the same spot that he is in Beers and Jackson.

So, what this suggests to me is that the Beers and Jackson photos were both taken in separate scenes and NOT during the televised spectacle. You can't reconcile the differences. In Jackson, I am haunted by the cop who seems to be looking at the camera. He seems to be staring through all the action and just seeing the camera.

That cop is NOT looking at Oswald. He is looking PAST Oswald. He is looking directly at the camera. 

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