Sunday, July 23, 2017

So, Backes, according to you, Fritz and his men were in cahoots with Jack Ruby to kill Oswald. But, doesn't that mean that they had to facilitate Ruby getting into the garage? Don't we have to assume that Officer Roy Vaughan deliberately let Ruby in at the Main Street ramp?  And doesn't the same apply to Lt. Rio "Sam" Pierce?

But, tell me, Backes: why did Ruby bring his beloved dog along? He knew he was going to be captured afterwards and would not be going home, ever again, right? So, why bring his dog along? Doesn't it seem like he would have found a new home for his dogs? Knowing that he was going to shoot Oswald and destroy his entire life, losing everything he held near and dear, including his dogs?

And what about his family, Backes? Do you think Ruby ever confided in brother Earl and sisters Eva and Eileen that the Dallas Police put him up to shooting Oswald?

And Ruby obviously didn't tell his lawyers, right, Backes? Because if he had told them, they would have used it court, wouldn't they have? It would have helped his case, wouldn't it?

So, you think Ruby just flat-out lied to his lawyers. Don't you? Isn't that part of your theory? 

But, if Ruby was lying the whole time- to everybody- explain why he was adamant that he wanted a lie detector test. What, was he confident that he could beat test? That he could lie to the machine? That it wouldn't pick up his physiological reaction? 

But, even so, why would he want to put it to the test? Since no one was hounding him to take a polygraph test, why was he so dogged about having one if he knew he was lying?

And what about the timing of it, Backes? They announced that the jail transfer would take place at 10. Was that Ruby's understanding? Then, why didn't he show up by 10? OR, is it your theory that Fritz really knew that it was going to be later than that, and he informed Ruby? Is that it? But how? Did he call him on the phone? They didn't have email in those days. So, how did he inform Ruby about when to be there?

And, it's not as though Ruby checked in with anybody when he got there. "Tell Fritz that I'm here, and he can bring Oswald out any time." So, what do you figure, Backes? That somebody was watching out for Ruby in the garage, and when he caught sight of him, he went inside and told Fritz? But how? Because Fritz was up on the 3rd floor, supposedly interrogating Oswald. So, someone would have had to go from the garage to the 3rd floor. And then when Fritz got word, he would have started the procession downstairs, as we saw in the Jim Davidson film. But, doesn't it seem like the process would have taken longer? Supposedly, Ruby didn't finish conducting his business at the Western Union office until 11:17. Then he had to walk down the street to the Main Street ramp. And presumably, he milled around there some, because there were other people there, and he said it was the people who drew him there. And then at some point, he proceeded down the ramp. And no one said anything about it, not the cops and not the spectators. But, isn't the implication that Ruby got to the cubbyhole very soon before Oswald was brought out? Like seconds? Well less than a minute? Don't you think that if he was milling around there for even several minutes that somebody would have seen him? And I mean among the reporters. But, if Ruby's arrival is what the cops were waiting for, doesn't it seem like it would have taken longer than a few seconds for Oswald to be brought out?     

And why did they bother with changing Ruby's underwear? You know very well that the Dallas Police Department did not have the policy of replacing the underwear of detainees with regulation underwear. It's pretty ridiculous, don't you think? They didn't do it with Oswald. So, why did they do it with Ruby? What was the purpose of that?

I'm just trying to help you fill in the blanks in your story, Backes. And it's mostly all blank- as is your mind. What's most incredible is that YOU actually believe it. It is so stupid, you are broaching the world record for stupidity. 

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