Monday, July 31, 2017

Timothy Mikla RC...You do great work! Absolutely amazing stuff. I think Oliver Stone said it best that America is living in denial pertainping to the assassination of JFK. The whole oswald garage shooting drama is kabooki theater once you see it for what it is...a manufactured scene to deceive. The sack over the head of the shooter is what does it for me. As to if Oswald is really shot I must say he does look ashen even through the black and white tv. Love the new jfk show as well...
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Oswald Innocence Campaign Thank you, Timothy. I think that, most likely, Oswald was shot in the police station after they went inside. Maybe they stuck a hypodermic in his arm with a sedative to knock him out. Remember that we never see Oswald in the jail office. We see cops huddling around, supposedly gazing down at him on the floor, but who knows if he was really there at the time. But, it is absolutely certain that Oswald was shot. They couldn't let him live. And I don't fault the Parkland doctors in any way. They obviously had him there in the condition that they said he was in. But, it is extremely unlikely that Oswald was shot during the spectacle. It was too dangerous; too uncertain; and too crude a way to do it. They needed a surgical shot. It would have been a disaster for them if Oswald had survived. They had to make certain that he would die from it- despite medical efforts to save him.

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