Thursday, July 27, 2017

My own appraisal of my InfoWars appearance is that I made a powerful case for Oswald being the Altgens Doorman. It essentially leaves the naysayers with no recourse, and I'll be surprised if any of them tries to retaliate in a point-by-point way. Sure, there will be the usual, general put-downs and trash talk, but I doubt anyone is going to try to rebut me specifically in terms of the photographic evidence I presented which proves that Oswald was the Doorway Man. They may actually chime in again with the "there was no time to alter the photo; it went out at 1:03" nonsense, but after what I presented, that will ring hollow. Intelligent people will realize that there MUST have been time since the photo was DEFINITELY altered. So, the 1:03 claim is simply a lie. There is a hierarchy involved in knowing what trumps what, and it does take maturity to know what it is.  

In fact, the certainty of malicious altering of the Altgens photo is one of the things that makes this case so chilling and haunting. The magnitude of the Machiavellian chicanery in the JFK case has to be unsurpassed in the annals of State crimes and State lies. And it has continued unabated into the modern era. Look what happened at the time of the 50th. They showcased another shirt that clearly wasn't Oswald's shirt. It looks like a standard American shirt, which Oswald's shirt was not. The shirt he wore he brought back with him from Russia. You couldn't buy it here; you couldn't find it here.

That stiff shirt on the left could NEVER fold over the way Oswald's shirt did. It is NOT the same shirt. That they tried to claim that shirt was Oswald's is an outrage. So, there in 2013, they were engaging in not only photographic fraud but concocting new phony evidence in the case.  It goes to show that they are working the cover-up as hard today as ever. But, it won't work. The truth shall prevail. The truth shall overcome.  

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