Sunday, July 23, 2017

You can't perform a murder twice, Backes. People can only die once. What I said is that the garage spectacle was just that: a spectacle; a made for tv spectacle; in which Oswald was NOT shot. But afterwards, they did shoot him with a surgically placed shot.

Now, explain why Fritz would create an opening for a shooter unless he knew that the shooter was there. Nobody would do such a a thing. And he could only know that the shooter was there if it was pre-arranged. 

But, let's see how far Backass is willing to go with this. Maybe, his next move will be to tweak it and claim that Fritz spotted Ruby and saw his gun, and instantly realized what he intended to do, and hence made an opening for him. 

It won't work, Backes. Fritz NEVER looked in Ruby's direction. He never turned his head that way. So, he could not possibly have seen Ruby. If he knew he was there, it has to be pre-arranged. 

If you try it, I will put up the images showing that Fritz never looked at Ruby.  

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