Sunday, July 23, 2017

Here is some Backshit, in all its glory:

Could there be anything dumber than this? Well, granted, the Dallas Police inventing the bus ride and cab ride is pretty damn stupid, but this takes the red ribbon for stupidity. How could Fritz have conspired with Ruby? When people conspire together, don't they both expect to win? Isn't that the idea? But here, Ruby did something that meant the total, complete, utter destruction of everything he held near and dear in his life. Fritz wasn't going to lose anything, but Ruby was going to lose everything. So, why would Ruby do it? Why would he be part of something in which he was going to suffer total, utter devastation and ruin? What was supposed to be in it for him? What was the selling point for Ruby? What was the lure? And how did it go down?

Fritz: OK, Jack. We're counting on you to shoot Oswald. Of course, afterwards, we will have to arrest you and prosecute you and testify against you, and you'll probably get the electric chair. But, look on the bright side.

Ruby: And what would the bright side be for me?

Fritz: Isn't it obvious? You'll have killed Oswald! Isn't it worth throwing away everything in your life just to kill Oswald?

Ruby: I don't know. I'm pretty fond of my dogs, my club, my bimbos. And I'm about to move into this new swanky apartment. What will I have if I kill Oswald?

Fritz: You will have a cell at the County Jail, until it's time to strap you into the electric chair. 

Ruby: Well, when you put it that way. OK. I'll do it. 

Obviously, the killing of Oswald could not have been a conspiracy between Fritz and Ruby. That is really dumb. It is so stupid that words can't express how stupid it is. It is the true mark of a blithering idiot, a wailing nincompoop, a stumbling, bumbling moron.

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