Sunday, July 30, 2017

You are UNBELIEVABLE, David Von Pein. That you would have the nerve to claim that if I had only pressed my thumb up to my index finger that all would have correlated is unbefrickinlievable. 

First, neither I nor anyone else can do that. NOBODY can get his thumb up on the index finger like we see in the Jackson photo. That's an image of two hands. But, when you only use one hand you can't do it. The thumb won't go there. There are limits to the movements of the appendages. 

But first, why won't you take a picture? Every smart phone is a camera. Why won't you at least try to be scientific about it? Actually try to reproduce it and show the result rather than just claim it? Do you really think that lip-flapping alone is going to impress people? In a matter such as this? 

Now, I couldn't get my thumb on top of the index finger, where the nail is exposed. That would require fracture or dislocation. But, if you can do it, DO IT! Get out a God-damn camera and take a picture! Every smart phone is a camera! I'm telling you it can't be done. If you want to dispute me, you have to do it with a camera. 

Now compare the shape of my wrist to the shape of his wrist. 

Notice that I have a straight wrist, and he has a wrist like the border between two states. 

Now compare the length of my thumb to the length of his thumb. Mine doesn't even reach the first interphalangeal joint. His goes way beyond it. And look at the size of his thumb. It's way bigger than mine, but it's also way bigger than Oswald's. 

Now, look at the contour of each thumb. Mine looks normal with two digital joints, then the knuckle, and then the first metacarpal bone. So, we're seeing 3 straight bones and 2 joints in-between them. Normal. But, look at the weird contour of his thumb. Did that get reproduced? Now, let's count the knuckles.

 I've got 5 knuckles and fingers, but he's only got 4. 

So, even when I did everything possible to reproduce the position of the hand in the Jackson photo, I still wound up showing that it is a freak hand.

Now, listen up, Von Pein: If you have any inclination to claim that if I had only done this or that, all would have worked out fine, you resist that inclination. Don't give in to it. Instead, you take a camera out, and you demonstrate it. It's time, David. It's long overdo. And you have no excuse not to do it. I'm NOT interested in your lip-flapping. I am only interested in what you can show. So, if you are going to refute me, you will have to take out your camera. Good luck with that. 

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