Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How wide was the ramp, Backes, you stupid shit?

It was wide enough to accommodate one car, just one car. Just one lane, with just enough leeway to make it comfortable. And there was a car in there- filling it up. And there were three people in the car when Ruby was there? Plus a cop on foot? And another former cop who was assisting Vaughan? And none of them saw Ruby?

That's plenty weird, but that Ruby didn't see the officer who was between him and Pierce is just as weird. Here's what we're talking about:

Ruby was outside the car on the passenger side. Looking into the car, he saw Pierce, but he didn't see the passenger in the front seat? Even though the arrangement was exactly as we see above? It's possible that he couldn't have seen Pierce, but there is no way he wouldn't have seen the passenger. So, Ruby was there earlier when it was just Pierce in the car.

You're scum, Backes! And you're stupid. And your role in this filthy, nasty cover-up is going to become part of the record; I'll see to it. You've never been an Oswald defender, you phony pretender. All you do is come up with ridiculous, stupid ideas, such as Dallas Police concocting the bus and cab rides, and Will Fritz stepping aside to create an opening for Ruby. How could Will Fritz possibly know about Ruby, Backes? How? HOW? HOW? You stupid, bumbling moron.  

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